FES for SD2 bestsettings 3,none or 0,software?

Which are the best settings for Fast Error Skip (Safedisk 2) for a plextor drive for reading in clonecd, 3-none or 0-software or maybe 3retries-software ?
Thanks for answering.

Read here


Which plextor drive do you speak of?

Toshiba 1502 requires hardware error correction, while plextor 24x requires “no error correction” and firmware 1.03 or better.
Of course, other settings also do work, but these are the fastest. Defective sectores are then skipped at warp speed.

I 'll stick with the defaults,0-software for my plex 8/4/32A. I am using clonecd 3341 and asked this because because clony suggested that i did so with FES (I am always using AWS for SD2).
Thanks really much for your repplies (I hadn’t read the post in the link before though i visit anonumously the forum for over a month)
Keep up the good work :slight_smile: