Fentgao dvd region free gone forever?

I have found that the developers of these products ignore their customers regardless. As a registered user i emailed about a problem with dvd fab weeks ago and have not received a reply. the issue has not been fixed, and i have posted twice in this forum with no response from the powers that be. In that time new features have been added to fab, yet problems with features that already exist have been ignored.

Funny how when I stated the very same problems with CSS region free I was treated like a criminal just a couple of months ago. Now it seems that everyone that bought this product within the last year, as I did, has a legit complaint.
It has been almost a year since we have had a real update to the CSS region free software and I did not buy it thinking that I was going to get 200 years of free upgrades but I did expect more than a couple of months worth.
If we all work together perhaps we could get Fengtao to upgrade this software along with his DVDFAB. Instead we argue amongst ourselves and call eachother names etc.
Let’s all work together on this and demand that Fengtao give us what he promised when we bought the software.
Or maybe some one should just decompile his current DVDFAb and make a new CSS region free software that actually works with the new DVD’s. Then every time he puts out a new version of DVDFAB we can take it apart and update the CSS region free with out him. This way he won’t make any more money from those of us that already paid for one product and do not want to pay more for another product.
Are there any computer programers out there that will help us do this?

With all respect, I do not think we can demand anything from Fengtao or whoever is running the company now. I do not want to talk about the reasons for this but they are obvious.
Additionally when you force things the results are not always good.
And finally, it could STILL be true that they are working on a solution but they have not found it yet.

But what I believe we can do is continue to ask for answers, without becoming annoying and without attacking. At least others users know about this. The possibilities that the same happens with DVDFab are out there.

At least they could come on, acknowledge the users concern, and inform every one that they are working on the problem and one way or another come up with solution. However, leaving your customers on vacuumed won’t advance your company reputation.

I agree

More or less Slysoft people do pratice this .

I do not want to compare other publishers here because we are in a DVDFab thread but you are right again, Slysoft are a world apart.

Again, I still believe that Fengtao is a correct person, perhaps wrongly advised lately. Some years ago, after purchasing DVD Region Free and DVDIdle, I applied to help them with translations and Helen (the lady that used to assist him at the old forum) sent me the free program I have selected as payback before I even finished with the translations. I could never finish with them and so I told her. She replied by saying to anyway keep the program. Believe me or not I never installed it. Well, this is not the point, the point is that they proved to be correct.

I agree that Fengtao is a good porson, after all, he did develop all of this great software - but it would still be nice to get some sort of response one-way-or-the-other on whether the program is dead in the water…

^ Fengtao has indicated the position here.

There is no explanation why they have stopped the operation and the products paused. It is because of legality issues.

It looks like the DVDIdle programs are dead in the water and swimming with the fish but as philamber stated above Fengtao announced some two weeks ago that he’s working on implementing something for previous customers. How long that might take is another matter.

So hopefully it won’t be too much longer. It’s gone on for months and than 2 weeks ago we hear that one paragraph… So now we sit and twiddle our thumbs some more hoping that something happens sooner than later :frowning: