well it has been since the last upgrade of DVDFAB X-Press ver. Bata3
that this has been happen i have only been able to back up 1,one copy of the dvd i have bought and that is many in the last month! now the new Disney movie is The Wild well it will no copy i have tried and only get the up coming movies that are come out that are ran on the first of the disk then it is all black on the disk have left running in dvd player for over a hour till i surt off i have been burning many coster and i have got some costly one’s being i use the TAIYO YUDEN dvd-r media with a sony DUR-530a burner and the setting is as follows
dvd size 4200 mb
burning engine vso
write speed slowest
write type of dvd-r media sao writing
set book type to dvd rom

now i seen where you are telling all that are haveing problems to go and down load the new dvd plat ver. well i did not but that one any ways if you can help i will be a happy back upper :slight_smile:

Never set booktype of a DVD-R to DVD-ROM that is for DVD+R media.


thanks Bigmacnc that was the problem now the movies will burn should have asked this queston a few week’s ago keep up the good work …

bigmacnc, thanks for sharing the information.

Glad that worked for you. I was not sure of what problem that causes, but I have read that trying to use book type DVD-ROM on -Rs causes problems. You are using a premium media in the TY -Rs. I use TY-R 4x unless experimenting with DL. I have had great success with complete disc in Platinum 3. I buy them in bulk for a bout $.25 to $.35 each in lots of 100 to 200 shipped. I wish they made a DL then Verbatim would have competition. Don’t put off asking for help because we all learn by sharing information.