Fengtao redirect?

Anyone else getting re-directed to cdfreaks when selecting the dvdidle (fengtao software)forum? I know they got hacked last weekend and still in that condition this am, but now selecting the forum link takes me here? I mean cdfreaks is great (member), but weird nonetheless!

Yup. I get re-directed also.
Wonder if all the posts got lost.
cdfreaks must be doing us a favor by hosting (temporarily)?


Yes, I’ve asked fengtao if we could help out with the hosting of the forum. I can’t say anything about the plans he has with the old or a new forum neither if he keeps the redirect this way. He agreed on a Fengtao forum on Club CD Freaks and I’ve added it straight away. We are happy to also have the Fengtao Software users on our board and I’d like to welcome them! :wink:

domin8tor, thanks for the help, that was cool to offer to help…and who knows when they will recover???

To any fengtao forum members that may view this page, recommend you join cdfreaks…a great site, and I think the only help link for now with fab, ect…

DoMiN8ToR, cdfreaks…

Thanks for the help and laying out the welcome mat…it is most appreciated


Great someone helping the old forum. cd freaks is very kind to do it.

This is probably the best forum in the world today. People from all over the globe come here for advice and information. Now thanks to DoMin8tor our forum has become even better. I think we owe him a big thankyou for his graciousness.

sorry, disregard.