Fengtao playing games on site

Now if you try and select the official forum, the resulting page states you (the user) might have an outdated link, or otherwise user generated error. Fengtao just say it, longtime members are used to it, your forum site got hacked again, or for some other reason YOU can not make it work! Currently the explanation disrespectful/insulting to your customers, who have stood up for you in the past.
And here is a thought, how about a post at least ONCE on this site explaining what is going on, and when we can expect a return of site. I have been a cdfreaks user for awhile, but many idle customers aren’t, and unfair to expect them to enjoy another forum (though, it is excellent!), to get support for their idle product.

Okay, last rant before New Years!

Agree with Larry, I as others bought for the support not to be ignored. I am sure there are many other ways to do what I want to do, so I am looking and when I find products that are supported and user friendly I will recommend then to others instead of fengtao’s products.


I would say the only other product that does what you want and has fantastic support in my opinion would be AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 available from www.slysoft.com - they have their own forums here you should have a look.

I have seen Slysoft have updates outwithin hours of a problem being reported.

I know that this is not the AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 forum, and I am seriously at risk of being ‘flamed’. But if you are fed up and want a change you now know where to look. (and I think there is a rebate on for CD Freaks members at present too.)

In my opinion, the only folks that deserve to be “flammed” are Fengtao. I have a number of posts similar to, and agreeing with Larry, Mack and others, so I won’t repeat except to agree, once again.

Also agree with the statement re: reliability and support from SlySoft. I have been a happy owner of AnyDVD since July or so when we were having huge problems with Fengtao.

I simply cannot recommend Fengtao’s products any longer…period. However, I will recommend AnyDVD…happily.


Looks like many of fengtao’s users may headed that direction. I am also looking at DVDremake Pro also because it allows you to join up to 4 dvds to 1. Can CloneDVD2 handle the layer breaks as well as DVDDecrypter or Image Burn does?


Don’t know the answer to that one, but this may help you decide???


Also you can get $10 off AnyDVD again:

Slysoft were originally offering $5 saving on AnyDVD to dvdrextreme.com
Slysoft have now extended this offer an amazing $10
Enter “dvdrextreme” as the coupon code to benefit from this offer.
This Offer has been extended untill 31st December 2005

Here’s the link, if you need it:



Because the prices of DL have dropped (if you know were to look, i.e. Newegg and others) to the point where, time wise, it is becoming somewhat impractical to backup a DL original to 2 DVD5’s [al la Gold which is the only reason I originally purchased Gold so I could preserve everything including menus and DTS sound (sometimes Shrink could not do enough compression)] I have reached the conclusion that, with the ‘possible’ exception of DVDFabDecryptor (which one respected member in another forum indicated that DVDFabdecryptor will attempt to copy faulty sectors anyway and cause playback issues), there is no longer any advantage to this(these) idle product(s).

AnyDVD, the original DVDD (including the PSL extraction software), VOBBlanker (I think VOBB is great: I can blank out ANYthing I want), ifoedit, Imgburn, etc., continue to be fully supported in their respective forums and groups. IF you have an issue, most likely you will get a reponse within 24 hours or less.

Kindest Regards to all.

Slysoft offers up to $15 discount by using the ‘cdfreaks’ as coupon code.


thanks dominator, actually for just a single purchase, the extreme coupon is better, $10 for anydvd, $15 is for buying 3 products…sly should standardize offers for their different offering sites.

Larry looks like we fabers will need to move on to a new home. I think most of us are tired of being ignored.


Thanks Dominator, that may have just made up my mind as I can handle $63.00 since paid fengtao $127.00 thinking it would be all that I would need. Maybe we need a thread for fab users who have switched.


Mack, after Tom’s post snagged the anydvd with the $10 off (thank you Tom!). Here is something refreshing, as soon as you pay with cc, the key link is right there on same page- don’t even have to wait for an email for it!! However that all said, I still use Express for most DVD’s (till stops working), most I just want the main move, and compressed quality acceptable. And do thank Fengtao for product up to now, defintely got my money’s worth with Platinum…The anydvd a backup for decrypt, and will use along with imgburn, ect for any desired DL burns.

Dear all,

Happy holidays at first!

I have to admit that we are not Unix/Web experts, and the hacker is hired by a company (guess who?), definitely he will try his best to hack the forum again if we restore it, so I think it’s time to switch the forum to cdfreaks completely.

For the old forum’s posts, I’ll discuss with cdfreaks admin to see if we can import them into cdfreaks.

For me, since my family will have a new member soon :slight_smile: Things go a little messy for these days. I’m really sorry for the delayed response.

Anyway, we will try our best to support our customers. Now we are focusing on new DVDFab, which I hope to bring a big surprise to our customers. New features includes: new compressing engine, customized copy, new splitter, new converter, etc. Considering we provide free lifetime upgrade, it’s great advantage to our competitors, who only provide 1-year or minor upgrade.

Best Regards,

Fengtao, thanks for the update. If going to abandon the “official” forum, then would be nice if you post program updates here also. I, and probably others, go to Fengtao site for user forum(support), which also advises of updates…everybody’s time is valuable, no sense having to go to both locations every time…that and you (Fengtao) have regular prescence here for issues that we cannot resolve. Congrats on new addition! thanks

I see there is an updated free version of DVDFab Decrypter dated 12/28/2005 on the sales site.


Let’s all just hope things get going in the right direction now, a small update (DVDFab Decrypter) is a good start. But only time will tell.

I do trust that fengtao will take care of us.
I just hope that the new software will be as an upgrade to all off us without the need off charge.
and i am waiting for the new as some new movies are hard to copy { platinuim }.

happy holidays

Hi Fengtao, I noticed your e-mail. We will be happy to host your forum, we will soon be adding extra servers for extra speed so we can handle the additional traffic :slight_smile:

I will get in touch with you later on the messages and such!

I thought I had already paid for my copy of DVDFab, but apparently this was never the case :o

But, today I ordered the wonderful product online (been advertising it enough around here, so it was about time). I had to go through quite a bit of trouble though to enter a reseller code for CD Freaks (on mainpage it is only linked to DVDFab Gold, not platinum!), but I hope it worked (created [=1&currencies=all&backlink=http%3A//www.dvdidle.com/order.htm&languageid=8&reseller=cdfreaks"]this link](https://sshop.element5.com/esales/cart.html?PRODUCT[545302) )

Keep up the good work, USD 60 is a small price for such a wonderful and easy to use product!

Looks like you bought Platinum which is a combination of Express and Gold.