Fengtao or Ting - Please Reply!

I’m reposting this in hopes of a reply from someone at DVD Fab.

It Happened One Night (NTSC USA R1) repeatedly crashes both Gold & Platinum 3.x. This is an old film with no new copy guards. I have tried both direct from dvd and ripped to my hard drive with another program. It does not crash DVD Fab Gold 2.9. I tried to send the crash report, but my email program does not populate the mailto: address from your report. I still have the ifo files if someone from DVD Fab would like to provide the email address to send the report to.

Ripping isn’t the issue, I need to customise the disc. DVD Shrink also does not crash with this disk. This is the only disc I’ve had the problem with, but I’ve only tried a few on ther current version.

After writing the above, I took a closer look at the dvd structure with Shrink. The extras show up as one of the menus rather then in extras. Wondering if that could be what causes the problem? Both Platinum & Gold 3.0.x allow me to import the disc, they both crash when i select Custom or Split.