Fengtao offers special discount for CD Freaks users

For more information regarding the discount, please read this newspost:


Up to $20!

I did not find the promotion code listed. Where would I find it? :confused:

The code is in the newsposting, it’s ‘cdfreaks


Does this &20.00 apply to the DVD Region+CSS Free also?

If it does I will buy DVD Region+CSS Free also.

That if i can find how to buy from the web site, email them with no luck

Is it possible to purchase Region+CSS Free directly from Element5? if so, what is the product number on it?

There might be a number of others interested in your DVD Region+CSS Free and its discount, so kindly drop us a short note here.

I called Element5 in the USA and had the coupon code applied to my recent purchase of DVDFab Gold. I also asked about purchasing Region+CSS Free. This procuct is not listed with Element5. Is this product available anymore at all?

For Information on the missing products DVD Region+CSS Free see fengtaos post at: