Fengtao "DVDFab Gold" Feature Request

I would like an option when a movie is split between 2 discs that the first disc just “ends” instead of displaying the black screen or insert next disc and then starting over.

I have a multi-disc (6 discs) DVD player. While watching a split movie when disc 1 ends I have to use my remote to jump to disc 2. If the movie would just end the DVD player would automatically go to the next disc. I believe on most single DVD players the drawer would auto open ready for the next disc.

I would like to see this as an option that can be selected if wanted or not.

Hi GregRocket,

I agree with you, and I’ll consider to add it in new version DVDFab 3.

Best Regards,

Thanks Fengtao for considering this request :slight_smile:

good idea! I have a problem to copy a dvd9 in 2 dvd5… menù “insert dvd 2” appears on video before that the 2nd dvd play… then if i select a scene of the first dvd appears the menu “insert dvd 1” but after 1 second play the 2dvd from the initial scene… the good idea is the auto open of the dvd player for the 1st dvd and also for the 2nd dvd… thanks and congratulations for dvdfab :wink:

p.s. sorry for my english

for the next version is it possible that menu “insert disk” play for more seconds? or “insert disk” as a fixed imagine… thanks