Fengtao, audio cd

Can I use Platinum to rip sound track off a DVD then use DVD Audio Creator to make a Music CD?


I have ripped several audio tracks from DVD’s (not using FAB) and in every case they were too large to fit on a CD. You can edit the ripped audio track with Nero to create individual audio tracks and then burn those to a CD but if you want the complete audio track I do not think you could ever get it to fit to a CD unless perhaps you made an mp3 cd.

What did you rip with, actually MP3 is what I want for my wife’s MP3 player?
Fab does not appear to just do the audio and I just need to get it to HD. I have fengtao’s Audio Creator.


I use both “FlaskMPG” XIS Expert Edition V3.0e which is I believe is a free download and I use “Xilsoft DVD Audio Ripper” which is a purchased produce (http://www.xilisoft.com/).