Fellow Sony DRU-530U/DRX-530UL owners

I searched on this problem and it seems that a few users are having issues with the damn thing not working or burning slowly.

Please share your experience with this drive. I’m especially looking for information on whether your drive can consistently provide rated speed and which media works with this drive.

My DRU-530U has a 2.0c RPC1 firmware currently and while it burns Sony branded DVD+RW at 4x(identifies as Ricoh in DVDInfo), but I realized it won’t burn at 4x on 4x hp media(identifies as CMC in DVDInfo).

Nero allows me to select it, but when I start burning, it’s only half way done when estimated time goes to zero, so I’m guessing the driver is internally switching over to 2x/2.4x :a

Yep, DRX-530UL sucks. :a My drive just stopped working one fine day after working beautifully for 3 months. Whenever I connect the drive to my computer (tried both my desktop and my laptop) with both USB and Firewire cables, the drive get detected only sometimes. At times, it just doesnt even get detected or gets detected as some incomprehensible gibberish like !!SONY!DWD drive which is weird. I have tried everything possible but can’t get it to work anymore. Although it is still under warranty, I have misplaced the proof of purchase. :confused: Arghh, gonna go to the sony customer service center and see if they will do anything about it.