Fellow Canadians - Fuji +R TY's on sale @ Best Buy/Futureshop!



Right now Best Buy has 50-packs of FujiFilm DVD+R on sale for CDN$24.99 and Future Shop has 100-packs of FujiFilm DVD+R on sale for CDN$49.99! I picked up two 100-packs from Future Shop today and they were both “Made in Japan” Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 media code. This is a great deal but it ends Thursday at Best Buy and Friday at Future Shop.

BestBuy.ca is sold out online but you can check your local store for stock.
Fujifilm 50-Pack 4.7GB DVD+R

FutureShop.ca still has stock but its sure to go fast, check stock at your local store and get down there!
Fujifilm 100-Pack 8X 4.7GB DVD+R Spindle

I somewhere read that FujiFilm is moving to cheaper media which means no more TY’s so this might be a blowout sale to move the last of the “Made in Japan” stock. :eek:

Good hunting!

PS - Worst case scenario here is that the media at your local store is “Made in Taiwan” which in the case of FujiFilm means that it will be RICOHJPNR01 (4X) or RICOHJPNR02 (8X), still damn good media.


all I have at my local FS is the MIT dvd’s. The maxell MIJ 25 packs are the same price, so I think I will take the Maxell over the Fuji :smiley:


If you like burn faster and safe ,Maxell MIJ (8x DVD+R) discs not able burn @16x .-TY Τ02 or Ricohjpn002 able do that.-In this case go for Fuji’s


I think what he was saying was that all the Fuji’s at his FS are Made in Taiwan. Therefore, I don’t think those disks are Taiyo Yuden. At my FS, the only Made in Japan Fuji’s are the +R. They are the Yuden000T02’s. I bought 3 spindles, may get another after reading Fuji may start selling Made in Taiwan disks exclusively in Canada because it’s costing them too much to sell the Made in Japan disks here.


At my FS all +R are made in Japan and code at Yuden000 T02.
All -R are made in Taiwan and code at Prodisc F01.
I bought 5 +R all TYs, but only 1 -R, anyone else code somthing different on the -R


Damn, I just missed SONY 8X -R 25-spindle $9.99 at FS’s website. They are as good as FUJI.

So no one has confirmed media code of FUJI -R they bought from this promo? How good is PRODISC01?


Think you mean ProdiscF01 and it is not even close to TY IMO. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=77177. If you can find Fuji -R made in Japan then you have TYG02 which is good!!! Made in Taiwan is ProdiscF01.


I assume all FS stores carry the same type of discs. Which means my only choise would be +R that is made in Japan and TY.