Feels like I started burning 200 years ago

Hey guys. I just bought myself a Lite-On external DVD burner. I began to burn some DVDs with it (isn’t that what its for?, lol) using Nero VisionExpress 3 which came with the burner. Getting everything together is fine, I know how to make chapters, etc. My problem is that I go to burn the DVD and it takes light years. I mean to give you an example, I started burning something today and it says “Time elapsed: 5h 45m 12s.” for a 2 hour movie. I have no idea why it’s taking so long. I know someone with the same stuff he said it takes him 3 hours typically. I’ve almost hit 6 hours. Any help please?!?! Thanks cdfreaks.com!

You obviously aren’t burning, you’re compressing/converting video content to be burned. Time that it takes to do this depends on the length of content (such as a 1 hour video vs. 4 hr video, etc.), speed of computer, speed of program, etc. Since you’re using the same program as your friend, that leaves the length of the content being converted and computer speed as the two main potential variables. 5+ hours sounds long for a 2 hour movie using Nero (I’m guessing you’re probably converting an AVI to DVD), although speed of the computer will play an obvious role in overall speed as I said.

It is an avi to dvd. I’m running a 1.99 GHz Athlon XP 2400+ with 1 Gig of PC133 RAM…maybe thats why its slowwwwwww. lol thanks for your help guys

I believe you should be able to convert two hours of video content alot faster than it’s taking you with that processor and Nero, the PC133 RAM may be a mild bottleneck vs. DDR memory but I doubt it would amount to more than a few minutes. I would have guessed it would take a similar amount of time to the length of content for Nero, but then I don’t know what settings you are using and I’m not that familiar with Nero video conversions to begin with. I HAVE used Nero for conversion before and have it on my system now, I don’t recall it taking that long and my processor isn’t much faster than yours.

Make sure your HD has plenty of space , is regularly defragged and running in Ultra DMA mode 5 or 6.

Try converting the avi with divxtodvd. Nero is very slow when it comes to converting avis. After converting you will get the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders that you can burn direct to dvd. Using this program you won’t get a menu though.