Feedback on new software

Hey guys,

We have a new Blu-Ray/DVD/Video software called FilePop and am looking for some user feedback. I need you to try and break the software, put it though its paces, etc…

The info on the free video converter is here:

Whoever wants to download the full version that includes all features can get it here.

We want to think that it’s one of the better converters out there but want the experts opinion first. And if it’s not, we want to get it there.

I had access to the download earlier and have already installed the program.

DVD decryption was very slow…that was the first thing I noticed. And this was on a disc that had nothing but CSS. And of course, it can’t decrypt blu ray.

Then I tried an xvid avi file conversion to dvd-video. This is a well known type of conversion and I can name half a dozen good choices in software for this. The conversion took quite a long time, much more than the running time of the avi file. I set the output to 4.35gb target size. The outcome was a 4.09gb file that was a complete mess. It played random scenes, flashing on the screen for about 20 seconds and then stopped.

It is the worst conversion I have attempted in the last few years, bar none.

ooh that’s not good. Can you verify that you had the latest version which is I’ve done a few recently and the result is pretty good.

Yes, it was version I’ve already uninstalled the program, since there is only a seven day trial, and I haven’t had time to try any more test encodes.

I did do a conversion of the same avi file using AVStoDVD. It took 34 minutes to complete (running time of the movie is 2hrs, 26 minutes), and the results were flawless. So, it isn’t an issue with the avi file itself.

i notice over on the website top burning software…

Maybe I ought to start my own “top software picks”.
Almost all the ones I pick are totally free and clean progs.