Feds form intellectual-property taskforce harsh penalties proposed

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DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us "The bill also takes aim at camcorder copiers who sneak into film screenings. Anyone who "knowingly uses or attempts to use an audiovisual…

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just an observation here, and if I’m incorrect no doubt a cdfreaker will inform me. It appears that if a nutter ex marine and partner go around killing at random, the arrest of these was very much in the hands of local authorities with minimal input from the federal section…(as I saw it)…but when a corporation/s have their revenue, seemingly disturbed, movement is mounted on a national scale, ie, laws passed, a federal posse is formed etc and we get the tired old speeches from bought politicos, braindead unimaginative corporation ceo’s and sundry hanger ons…so much for the value of human life… As this is apparently pandemic, could this be why generations of children have no respect, no compassion, no goals and no direction…are we breeding humanity out of our kids???..:X

Luckily here in Europe we have politicians who care less to the economic revenues of the majors and care more about common people and common sense. I hope the great US people will oppose this uncostitutional law.

Fr4nz, you can’t be saying that with a straight face. I don’t know which Europe you are living in, but it’s not the same one I live in. Things are no better here and are getting worse all the time.

Fr4nz, you surely forgot the smiley, didn’t you? Europe is heavily drifting to adopt US standards, e.g. the EUCD (called by some people the “DMCA on steroids”). I really hope, that Switzerland will stay out of this trend as long as possible…
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OMG…yeah, the poeople who smuggle Camcorders in theaters are the problem…NOT. So far as the balance iof the announcements…I remind all readers that the current US gov’t (AKA-mostly Repubican =Right wing) hardly are about to find their way to work, not withstanding the assorted PACs (aka bribes) that are on going. So…let me understand, the economy is crappy, too many people unemployed, most of the world countries have been alienated, IRAQ is frankly a ‘nighmare’…only under intense pressure will admin. official testify under oath about 911 (and not the Ores/VP)…and the gov’t is ‘busy’ with people taking camcorders into movie houses!!! Is it just me…or is there a musch bigger problem going on??? Can we find a solution in Nov 2004…? I hope so!

Olli I was talking about the EU directive voted on the 9th March which stated NOT punishable downloaders and uploaders on p2p networks (in fact you’re punishable only IF you make profit from the works of the artists). Anyway I understand you when you talk about the strict laws which strike the possibility to make backup copies and so they kill the right of fair use. Those laws need to be changed.

Once again… Hollywood uber alles. :r

And an American ex Marine who flew over to Britain, kidnapped a 12 year old girl and raped her in Paris has only got 4.5 years. sort of puts this in the silly perspective it deserves.

There seems to be quite a bit of knee-jerk reacting going on here. First of all, I agree that the government is probably doing this for all the wrong reasons; but in this imperfect world of ours, if a bad politician enacts a good law using bad justification, I would consider that a victory. CD Freaks has always been about fair use- not clear violations of intellectual property law. Besides downloading large Linux distributions or other open-source software, there aren’t too many legal uses for p2p filesharing. The government will inevitably cast a wider net than necessary and just as inevitably, the courts will give them a rap on the knuckles until a reasonable balance is acheived. People considering some crimes to not really be “crimes” is how we ended up with Tyco and Enron. Those guys thought that because they stole with an excel spreadsheet and a annual report, they were in the clear. They were wrong and so are those who think that it’s OK if you steal with a cable modem and a bit torrent client instead of a lockpick and a ski mask. For those who say this money is better spent on other issues, this is simply a case of diminishing returns. A $10 million budget increase for Homeland Security is a drop in the bucket. Conversely, $10 million is a windfall for smaller programs like intellectual property rights enforcement. Every government in the world does this every day with your tax dollars- doleing out money where it will do the most good. I’m as sick of smarmy pols and unethical corporate lobbyists as anyone else. But we shouldn’t forget that our own camp houses a few bad apples lest the general public let their actions speak for all of us.

There’s NO WAY of arguing that sentences for piracy should exceed those of the equivilent non-cyber-theft, which these do. Also, this is totally unenforcable for file swapping, unless they want to jail huge sections of the productive and law-abiding population and wreck the economy.

i think this bill has no real teeth. they cant even afford to keep real criminals - gang members, murderers in prison. so how can they afford to keep pirates in jail?

Worst crime in the US is to steal from the Government!!! You get less time for rape and murder.

Hey btspm…what street in utopia do you live in…let me quote “Every government in the world does this every day with your tax dollars- doleing out money where it will do the most good.”…if this was the case there would not be any problems with education and medicine where I live…and the billions spent on armament every year???..your trouble is that you don’t question your governments motives, you are a lemming and do as you are bidden…I remember some years back , big headlines about the famine in ethiopia…4 pages into the newspaper an article about a bumper watermelon crop in ethopia…a government at work…The western world has long moved from the democratic form of government enacted by the greeks (sometime BC)…heard of any commoner being voted in to politics, not because he/she was rich, not because he/she had contacts but because they were the right people for the job voted in by a populace in a fair and just election…I have, his name was euphrates a shepherd from a small greek village chosen by his peers because they saw in him a sense of justice, honesty and dignity and they knew he would do what was right for the village not the frikken byzantine trader down the road. politicians today care only who is massaging their wallet and who is attending their genitals…BTW…p2p has as much right to be used on the Inet as gates has to sell his OS…howsabout you opening a big yuess can of “lets get real”… :X

I can’t wait until we see some real enforcement. How 'bout the feds raid every club in America where there is karaoke? After all that is an illegal public performance of those songs where profit is derived…oh yeah and how 'bout we have undercover agents on the street busting people for whistling or humming tunes too? Oh yes…lets pass a law that if yo hear someones radio on the street that is illegal public performance…under the law these things already are illegal…anyone want to check me out on this? And just how long is intelectual property to be held at full value with no depreciation. Are we to put people in jail for swaping a 40 year old music file that is out of print? Well to hear the RIAA carry on we should. Is it conceivable that when people see others going to prison for file swaping that maybe the public will resent it and stop buying recordings? I doubt it - sheep are sheep and until people demand balance in this we are going to see a lot of people getting hurt. This isn’t education or justice. The RIAA has done little to work towards a balanced solution. The fact is they don’t want people buying a single song or two from an otherwise rotten album. They don’t encourage online music at reasonable prioces. They want it all and if you don’t like it you can go to jail or give up thier music. The latter sounds great to me. There are a lot of great indy artists who are producing much better music than the major money grubbers. Now if we can just get the RIAA and Broadcast Media out of bed together perhaps the stations will play more of that indy music and the public that follows the hype will sober up. Perhaps the public should give the major lables an education.

Spare me the evil government crap Sherrif. Is public money allocated the way you would like it to be? Obviously not. Elected officials in the Western world are not perfect. But a relatively free press guarantees that on the big, important issues, politicians can’t completely throw public sentiment to the wind. That is, unfortunately, the best that can be hoped for in a modern system of representative government. You can throw money at education and “medicine” all day if you like with mediocre results at best. If you are so distrustful of the government, why are you so willing to believe that they would enact effecient and sensible policies that will properly utilize all that money? And don’t forget that all that “armament” money is spent building an aegis that protects your ability to freely post your disdain for the government. Complaining about the current system is all fine and dandy, but how about coming up with an original idea about how to fix what ails you. An idea that doesn’t involve devolving the world to a state where individual villages were the limits of local knowledge (a prerequisite for your plan that assumes political theory has not changed in over 2000 years). And if everyone who thinks the status quo is not great, but pretty damn good considering the problems associated with running a country of 270 million is a lemming, you’ve got quite a few green skinned neighbors with funny hair. P.S. Save the personal attacks and google “run-on sentence” with the extra time you have

YEEEEEHaaaaaa…the big mouth bass fishing is GREAT here…I never mentioned evil government…incompetent yes…and I apologise, your not a lemming, your a toady wrapped in a cloak of ignorance no doubt supplied by the government to which you so readily acquiesce. You only answered my post because you are used to enforcing your point of view on others. I don’t play that game, my point is I don’t make a point…I like to rant, relieves the stress. If you are going to criticise my diction and sentence structure ensure you haven’t left your own arse exposed…Oh and read some books, particularly on geography, it may dawn on you that your country isn’t the only country, you manky small minded little man, go and join the rest of your grunions and swim in the ever decreasing circle of your own ignorance until you finally vanish up your arse… :X

Well said, Mr Sherrif, so eloquent ! (and right, of course)

Hi ppl, i live in Brazil (South America). A LOT of ppl KNOWS that the US gov THINKS South America (countries and ppl) ARE THERE propriety! US gov DICTATES want ppl of South America wants and his gov has to do to please him! Quiet Frackly, i KNOW we (south americans) ARE SLAVES for US gov that robbs our privaty, right, exonomy, jobs and goods! The gov of ALL the SOuth American countries are SLAVES for the America ambishion$$$$$ This WHY Irak was invaded and robbed by US: Saddam don’t agree to be a PUPPET for US gov and his citizens to be SLAVES from American ambishion for money, slavery and TOTAL control off the world. I think Hittler and laughting VERY loud right now, since his dreams to CONQUER, dictate, control, robber and slavery the world are slowly turning to be a REALITY from THE SAME NATION that, decades ago, helps the IIII Reich loses the WWII, to free up the world against slavery, dictation, facism and total control! Well, it SEEMS the sheep turn up to be the worlf, a VER BAD wolf. I KNOW how this will end, in the end, the WWIII. Knowing this i start to racionalize WHY arabian ppl are claiming, since a long time ago, USA is the ‘Nation of Evil’. Brazil is a pseudo colony of US, the corruption, hipocrisy here are assuming that our president is not Lula and democracy doesn’t exist here (and Human Rights and citizens rights). I think Bush controls the Brazil. Since in the US, democracy are slowing fading down to turn to some type of facism and Human Tights are thrown on the trash and the autorithies are NOT respecting OUR rights, i think Brazil is only copyng his ‘imposed’ model of Facism. I don’t know where this will end but i assume that a WWIII is not so ficional as before. US are trying to SLARYING the world (and his own citizens too) and something are NOT right here anymore. Something has to be done until it is time… Here in Brazil, ou Federal Police are DIRECT CONTROLLED (by corruption) from the CIA itself. Every new laws US wants here, US are gaining here. For example: do you know that last year the ‘buyed’ Ministre of Culture INCRISED the law of intelectual proprity that IF U HAVE ANY pirated cd or dvd (or pirated stuuf on your hd) on YOUR HOME u’re a pirate and making a crime ? I don’t know, in the world, if there this type of law!!! If you has Kazaa on your PC you’re a pirate ? That you are a pirate and could be prosecuted and your house searched EVEN if you bought some pirated stuff or changed or gain some pirated stuff EVEN if you don’t sell them ??? YEAP, download an mp3, change a cd with a friend or buy a pirated cd here in Brazil is against the law RIGHT NOW! And YOU DON’T know half! If you live in Rio de Janeiro (BEWARE tourists!) you phone calls could be INTERCEPTED by the police and your conversation recorded ??? We know that wired trapped phone calls is AGAINST THE LAW! Only if the police have a warranty from a judce it is legal (by any means), but WITHOUT an judce warranty it’s ILLEGAL and the police couldn’t do it!!! Yeah, WE NOW! But here in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro the police DOESN’T RESPECT THE LAW (ANY LAW! Specialy the HUMAN RIGHTS and citizens rights and garranties)!!! THEY intercept your phone calls, without an warranty, by the time THEY WANT (5 years ? no problemo for them). My phone calls is intercepted by the police BANDIT for about 4 years right now (because some jeleuos neighboor tha don’t like me, call the police and say that i’m a pirate! hahahah! yeap! The cops were here 2 years ago, in may home, WITHOUT warranty, saying that i’m a pedofilic!!!) They looking only on my pc and go away… Here the situation on the Brazil. For the tourist, STAY AWAY! it’s better to do, or at least, stay away from Rio de Janeiro. So, ppl, what can we do ? The us are corrupting the world. All they want is MORE money and more slavery… Ppl are saying the US army has bases on the Amazon (one of the states of Brazil) for as long as 15 years (!) and our military ppl KNOWS that the US gov WANTS to invade and ROBBER the Amazon (Amazon is rich of OIL, water, DIAMOND, GOLD, etc) and the US ONLY wants some ridiculous ‘reason’ to invade and robber our land as they do with the Irak… Excepting the G7 countries, NO country in this planet Earth are save from the US IV Reich gov!!! His fury to invade, destroy and robbery! So, saying that piracy is robbery is a LOT of hipocrisy, since the US gov is the major THIEF in the world… But who has the power demands and the rest has to be an OBEDIENT and SWEET SLAVE! Laws… If the laws are becoming an instrument of the Facism and dictation and robbery it’s doesn’t have any worth anymore… This is WHY, after the Irak are invaded and robbed a LOT OF COUNTRIES are thinking on updating his army forces and starting to making atomic bombs, since THEY KNOW right now how’s the ENEMY of the entirelly free world. God Bless North Korea and China, since the ‘Yankees from the north’ has the eyes on him! And now the US and his hipocrisy are trying to control other countries army and atomic bombs. Sure, to make sure noone can defend againt his invasion and assault! Well, the angel is showing his face… PS: yeap, it’s a ‘political’ text, but has EVERTHING to do with the head of this topic: Laws, facism, control, dictation, death of Human Rights, IV Reich savage capitalism… PS2: for btspm: yeah, i have a solution for this problem. How about, EVERY law passed on the congress has to be ‘passed’ (elected - yes or no) from ALL OF US, like presidential elections ? Yeah! It’s a DEMOCRACY (power from ppl AND FOR the ppl) or NOT ??? IF i WAS a TRUE democracy, EVERY little law passed on your state and on your country (federal law) U COULD VOTE (‘elect’) If YOU WANT (yes) or don’t WANT (no) if that project of law (new law or modifying some law) could be a new law or not. THAT’s DEMOCRACY!!! U democracty CHOOSING which law U want to obey (or think made justice and with balance and equality). Of course u could choose NO to this law, but it doesn’t resume u will win, if the majority votes ‘yes’… BUT i’ll be am democract act!!! So, my friends, the democracy (at least in the days we’re living now) are FAKE and some type of ILLUSION of the media!!! It will only be a real, true democracy WHEN we could be ‘convocated’ to ‘elect’ wich laws could be passed and which couldn’t be passed (or need to be modyfied to another ‘election’ in the future). I think the LAW is some type of a CONTRACT. If you buy one house for about 100 000 dolars, paying 1000 dolars a month, U ASSIGN an contract!!! Assigning this contract in paper, everyones KNOWS that u KNOW the ‘terms’ (law) of the contract and that U AGREE with THEM ALL! When some BAD politicians are PAID in secret conversations with the capitalism (that ‘THINKS’ they OWN the America and the world…) to make laws ONLY to protect them and (in turn) make YOUR Human Rights worthless and U: a) don’t know what’s going on until it’s too late and the law was voted (or doesn’t EVEN know that) and b) doesn’t agree and disagree 100% thinking was Human Rights was limited, it NOT DEMOCRACY!!! (power from the ppl AND FOR the ppl), it’s some type of FACISM, an FACISM CAPITALIST or capitaliscracy or facismocracy!!! The power of the money for the money only - or the power of the power for the power… The problem right is that gov doesn’t works for us but thinks that we have to work FOR THEM and be slave for the facism system they are constructing PS3: of course we are aggaisnt piracy or robber. But the laws has to be made with equality and balance, RESPECTING the ppl and HUMAN RIGHTS and Citizen Rights. Now we have laws passed to DESTROY Human Rights and slowly destroy (by limitating) Citizen Rights (Citizen Rights came from Human Rights). We are witness of law enforcing the capitalism to SLAVERY the ppl and the gov to be as facist as possibe. And what the US make, the world copies, and if not copies, the US gov are pressing every time HARD the world to OBEY his ‘sr’, his ‘owner’. Right now the world is not hostage of terrorism, Bin Laden or whatever, the world is HOSTAGE of the FACISM and DICTATION of us gov. Read the story about Irak and Saddam. Saddam was an alley of US (in the war of Irak x Iran), but US gov (do what they do BEST) betrayed Saddam, selling arms to the Iran too (the US gov, suddenly, was be affraid of Saddam and his dictoriship - like the US gov doesn’t know WHAT dictorship is…). Saddam brokes relations with US. But Saddam make his worst mistake, invade Kwait. And US has now his ‘motivations’ to attack Saddam (and motivation was good - i agreed on the first Golf War, 1990, it’s was OK). Saddam loses the war but Bush father maintains he in thew power of the Irak (they was affraid that it’s BETTER an dictatory man on the power than some fanatic religious of the power). Know Bush son WANTS the oil. They have the more powerfull army in the world in his hands, has the money too and the autorithy that US conquer around the world (since the ending of the Soviet Union and this socialism - wich coud be a BETTER way of life than that actual Facism Capitalism dictated by the US around the globe, slaverying the ppl). They want the oil BECAUSE they KNOWS the reserve of the american oil (bellow earth) are low (some specialist say that it could lasts ONLY 6 years!) THEY KNOW if they don’t INVADE and ROBBER other country nations minerium reserves, in the long term, the US won’t be the powerfull and rich nation they are now. They HAD to INVADE and ROBBER. Irak is the first, there are OTHERs poor country nations (with weak economy and WEAK army - without nuclear icbm’s) that are RICH in bellow the earth (oil, gold, diamond, water) that HAS TO BE INVADED in the future to MAINTIN the richness and powerfull of US!!! It’s like a cancer! This will EXPLAIN why they are so ‘affraid’ about poor countries made nulear arms… because if they INVADE this countries, OFF COURSES, some defensive icbn’s coul be launched aggaint american soil to ‘desestimulate’ the assault and the robbery… A lot of hypocrisy HERE. Why American could have this nuclear arms and poor countries don’t ? Because of that! They want to invade and ROBBER this poor countries in the future and they will don’t invade some country that could launch an nuclear device on his heads… Weak up ppl… PS4: They protect the capitalism ppl, because the capitalism ppl ‘feed’ them with money AND make the US gov more powerfull! How ? simple. When u buy some copyrighted material on the France (for example), a lot of money of this sell will be ‘exported’ to some american bank in the US, ‘feeding’ the economy. This money will be used for a lot of this, some to paying taxes and tributes to the gov… The gov uses this money to a lot of things, one is to make his army MORE powerfull (more that they are today - it’s unecessary, or the US gov is preparing themself for an invasion or WWIII ??? Or they are preparing his army to ocupate and invade all the world to make the Hittler dreams come true ? YOU have to ask for yourself: Why so many arms, so many soldiers, and some investiments in this area ??? For something goos that IT’S NOT!). Understand ? make the economy ith more money (to especulate) and more money to the gov to increase his DANGEROUS army… So, it’s innocent to ONLY think about direct corruption. It’s IS corruoption but have SOMETHING hide behind his… Something worse… C128