Fedora 9 with Nero Linux 3 no drive (LG GSA-H10L)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H10L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Dear people,

I’m the happy owner of a Linux system, I’m using Fedora 9, I once bought Nero Linux and resently upgraded to (before it also not work).

The problem I have with Fedora is that it doesn’t see my CD/DVD-writer. I get as error “No device detected”. When I was using Fedora Core 8 I was helped by a person who told me that I needed to change a few line in some conf files.

As stupid as I was I never made any notes of this, and after I upgraded to Fedora 9 I had no idea how to get it work again. (About 9 months ago)

I use a LG H10L DVD writer and a Creative DVD-rom as being the first on the IDE-channel and LG DVD-writer being second.

I not need to use the Linux computer to write CD’s or DVD’s… But as I bought the software and have the DVD writer in the box it would be great if it actual works.

I have the latest Nero Linux installed, version


Try running Nero from the command line as the root user

su - nero

See if it detects the drive.


In that case I get…

su: user nero does not exist


But if…

I first …


The LG DVD-writer is available. All standard Fedora ‘linux’ burning software like K3b and other packages the DVD-writer is available without changing to root rights…


I think there is a slight problem with the device files user rights. To be able to see your drive inside Nero Linux, you need to make sure that your user account has RW access on the corresponding /dev/sgXX device (/dev/hdXX for old ide-cdrom driver). Please take a look to the PDF manual: there is a complete chapter that explains this.

FYI, we are not accessing the burning devices the other Linux tools: Because we are sending some vendor-specific commands to the device (like for changing the booktype of a DVD), we need to get full access to the device from a user account. Otherwise, what happens is quite simple: the command is blocked by the kernel because it is not known inside the SCSI commands whitelist.



i use fedora 9 too and i solved the problem with the following udev rule

own rules

KERNEL==“sg[0-9]*”, GROUP=“disk”, MODE=“0664”

i saved this in /etc/udev/rules.d as 88-own.rules.

you had also to be member in the group “disk”, after a reboot you should be able to see the drive in nero linux 3


hi dear Forum

i am having the same problem
Running nero on fedora 9

Using k3b now for 2 years.

Non of my dvd/dvd burning devices are recognized

Does the solution work for this version as well?


it should, just give a try


it works:clap::clap:

anno, 1000000x thanks:bow::bow::bow::bow: