Federal Heritage Minister promises to plug Canadian©law hole

I just posted the article Federal Heritage Minister promises to plug Canadian©law hole.

  With the recent court case ruling that downloading music in   Canada    is  legal, the CRIA panicked as they claim they will have a hard time selling  music as well as the music artists.  ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8084-Federal-Heritage-Minister-promises-to-plug-Canadianlaw-hole.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8084-Federal-Heritage-Minister-promises-to-plug-Canadianlaw-hole.html)

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I wonder how much they paid the minister for this.

Heritage Minister Hélé¨ne Scherrer’s debut Tuesday before the parliamentary committee on Canadian heritage was a rocky one, with members grilling her about foreign ownership in the country’s broadcasting and telecommunication industries. “I really wish that I could be more informed on all the issues,” said Scherrer during her first appearance before the all-party committee since being named Heritage Minister three months ago, “but maybe I should ask for a little more time.” I guess the mouth speaks before the head thinks…

Ello Ello Ello!!.. wots goin on 'ere then minister, is that a yankee 'and I see up you arse…:X

Just another cheap politician despertately trying to prop up her failing portfolio by making book on popular items in the news. She’ll be gone when we toss Martin out in the next election…

So the people that pass the laws can be paid off, alright, maybe we should just auction them on ebay. Canadian minister for sale, bids starting at 10,000, do I hear 20,000? United States President, bids starting at 1,000,000.

Oh, I forgot: there is now an e-mail and snail mail letter writing campaign in progress expressing disapproval at the Minister’s message. In addition, she aparrently forgot that we Canadians already pay a levy to the CRIA with every recordable media that we buy. I’m sure she would appreciate a call for a general audit into the use of those funds…

ROJ, If you’re paying royalties to the CRIA for all blank media sold in your country (does that also include predominantly video media such as video tapes and DV tapes and DVD’s?) then you guys should not have to pay for downloads at all, IMHO. Here in the US, the only blank media that I know we got away from paying royalties on are “data” or unlabeled CD-R’s, any CD-R’s labeled “audio” or some similar verbage, has royalties tacked on. I understand you guys also pay(paid is probably the operative since they are now obsolete) royalties on blank floppies, too.:r

We have the levy here on: Audio Cassette tape (40-minute lengths or longer) 29¢ per unit CD-R Audio, CD-RW-Audio & MiniDisc 77¢ per unit CD-R, CD-RW (non-audio) 21¢ per unit Recorders less than 1GB $2 per unit Recorders more than 1GB but less than 10GB $15 per unit Recorders more than 10GB $25 per unit As far as I’m concerned, the cria can have one or the other, not both. DVD’s do not have a levy. ::

Form an orderly q behind the gun site… :d

Form an orderly q behind the gunsite… :d

CRIA only puts politicans in the House of Commons if they can bend over and take like a BITCH :d Hélé¨ne Scherrer’s ASS will be open for business and we are gonna pay for it too. :r

I love the way they insist you pronounce the acronym CRIA “creea” rather than “crya” What a joke.