Federal courts cause 321 Studios to shut down

I just posted the article Federal courts cause 321 Studios to shut down.

disctracker used our news submit to tell us that 321 is throwing in the towel. The maker of several CD and DVD copy programs, they say that the legal system has made it impossible to …

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8821-Federal-courts-cause-321-Studios-to-shut-down.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8821-Federal-courts-cause-321-Studios-to-shut-down.html)

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Another case of everyone is guilty of piracy until proven innocent if they make, or use this product.

Just another blow to fair use…

And who is next on the hit list…

truly a sad day :c 321 got it all started… we owe them a lot

321 should now throw all rights to existing versions of DVDXcopy into the public domain. Let those of us with the program share it legally. No skin off their nose at this point since they are no longer in business and can no longer legally sell it.

Lets for second assume that if piracy continues that the media companies, (RIAA, MPAA) would go broke if piracy continues. Also, let’s assume that these rulings will stop that and keep the RIAA in business. Now assuming that, consider this. If we shut down tech companies to save the RIAA, then we have tech companies shutting down and Government loses tax money, and this hurts the economy. Now if assume that letting the tech companies continue operations would kill the RIAA, MPAA then they go broke and the Government loses tax money and the economy is equally harmed. Either way the Government loses tax money and is harmed, so why bother wasting tax money, and time on laws and court cases, when either way the Government loses? Oh it’s because of those campaign contributions. Now I remember. Hey tech companies, WAKE UP. IF YOU DON’T THINK YOUR BUSINESS IS IN TROUBLE NOW, YOU DESERVE TO GO BROKE.

@chbiking Actually the tech industry is much larger than the RIAA/MPAA, so more harm if tech dies.
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Well !!!..so much for capitalism and the american ideal of business competativeness. Anyone else get the feeling america is slowly slipping back into the shithole it dug for itself…and is it a bad thing. I can’t remember when a government or judiciary tried so hard to get its country reviled and mistrusted so much…Yes I can…germany 1935…:X

Never miss a chance to do a little America bashing do you Sherrif

I agree with Tremo. Infact Robert should probably allow Derrow to continue it original project of IFOEdit and give him the source code for 321 products. Has anyone seen Derrow lately? For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is the original pioneer that made dvd backups possible before “1 click solutions” were made. He didn’t charge for his work. Robert (owner of 321 Studios) hired him to develop 321 products with the condition that he would stop developing his own work.

Well kamikazee…I have no love for the incumbent party, (in both countries) we are about to ratify a FTA (which stands for F**k The Aussies) agreement which sees immediate advantages for america but ours will take some 18 yrs to filter through…is this how YOU would treat allies…add in lower real wages, poorer work conditions and a medical scheme to equal that of the states, ie there isn’t one…america bashing ?.. well yes, but no more so that a goodly percentage of the american population is right now…frankly I, dare I say we, don’t want to become a state of america or another annexed country. The powerbrokers of america have set that country on a course that predisposes them to war…their ulterior motive ???..if the normal americans don’t know, well excuse me if I say I an also clueless… I have been to war and I have been to peace…give me peace anytime (unstable as it may seem)…BTW look up “peace” in the soldiers dictionary…It’s explained as being the shortest distance between two wars…apology for the rant…:X

because of that clonecd , clonedvd, and anydvd go to a offshore paradise. i love them :slight_smile:

…my 2 cents… having purchased a number of 321 products, I for one am not happy. Due to their copy protection/regiustration methods (need to validate on line or by phone), what shall I do when (say) I upgrade my PC or do a new windows install?? At the very least, for registrered customers they should provide a “key” so we who have purcahsed the SW can use what we spent our money for! I for one, invested approximately 300.00 US$…which I’m beginning to think is now wasted. This, not because the SW was no good, and not even that they are going out of business…rather it seems like I will be left without a way to activate my SW??? If this proves true…and I will test this today, then it unfortunately underscores the reasons why the warez scene is still valid. :c:c

Well, if you’re so upset that your government is about to ratify the FTA, why not actually try to DO something about a case you can actually affect in your own country instead of b*tching about the US? Sure Bush and his administration are crud, but you can’t do anything about that since you’re not even a US citizen, now can you?
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MrDisk, I can understand your frustration…but I will say that DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter are free and do a far better job than the products from 321 Studios (I say this having used all three). I’d encourage you to check them out.

note to MPAA… this is a hollow victory for you pricks. if i want to back up my DVD’s that i paid good money for YOU CAN NOT STOP ME! and i have never ever touched 321’s software. that said, kudos for 321 putting up this fight. as we all know they were on the side of “right”… but in the end it’s he who has the most cash wins.

please, i hope you are not pimping that f-cking loser john kerry. i can’t stand that bastard. thank GOD bush is in the white house, and will remain there.

don’t feel too bad for sheriff… it’s obvious he daydreams about living in the good ole USA… poor slob prolly lives in north korea.

You tell 'em trance! :X