Fed up with Plextor turning on us

I just posted the article Fed up with Plextor turning on us.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and so I think it’s time we as the consumers, the people who make or break companies by buying or not buying their product, speak up.

Most of you…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1482-Fed-up-with-Plextor-turning-on-us.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1482-Fed-up-with-Plextor-turning-on-us.html)

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Sure a forum would be nice. However, it appears that Plextor is pointing the finger at Sanyo. The info is here http://www.cdrinfo.com/cebit2001/plextor.shtml

SO basically the problem is with SANYO and their chipsets? Sounds fair to assume since its not only PLextor who cant make a working SD2 backup… But it seems that maybe they can release a firmware to update the chipset so that SD2 backups are possible… For now the fact that we cant copy SD2 really sux and Im not gonna buy a bullshit burner like phillips just to copy SD2… :r Ill just continue to use the cracks and patches for these SD2 games cause it gets the job done even if it takes 5 mins of your time…

5min? I’d be hard pressed to spend more than 15 seconds.

OMG !!! Everybody is turning against Plextor because the can’t copy SD2 !!(My Plex8/2/20 reads/burns them perfectly). You never complain why a crappy IDE CDROM is not capable what a Plextor (reader) 40x MAX can do. This company has made the BEST writers that give the most value for your money. This is just someone who had some stress around it and now just blames Plextor for his incapabilities. My 2 cents.

If it is the Sanyo chipset then why does changing the firmware back to an older version have an effect on copying SD2? The fact that the firmware suddenly stops this feature working is HUGELY suspiscious.

I think the same that Lila …very suspiscious. If plextor want to continue been the number 1 must to change this actions. :7

I have already opend a board about that matter ! :slight_smile: So, just visit safedisc2.cdrsoft…net Nice posting ! cya ! :d

As reported in another newsposting, this is probably not true, according to someone I spoke, this is not Plextor’s fault, but a fault by Sanyo. The firmware solution has something to do with firmware licenses. I’ve mailed Plextor about this issue, and I hope to get a reply soon.

Here’s a nice article on Safedisc 2 which seems to also agree that plextor is deliberately doing this: http://www.geocities.com/discdump/sd2.html I do think it is a bit of a STRONG coincidence

Temo, 5 mins was a exageration! :wink:

Hmm I just don’t really care about this. Should I run into a SD2 protected cd that I really want to copy, I’ll be using a crack… For me, Plextor still rules…

Something curious. There is one site that supports Plextor all the time and that is CDRinfo runned by J.M. Look at all the test Plextor is always the best. I heard that J.M knows high persons at Plextor Belgium very well. I wonder…