Fed up - I need a new drive. open to suggestions

I bought a HP 640i a few months back. At the end of november, it died, and was sent in for an RMA. The HP/LiteOn RMA center is run by a bunch of fools, so i was given empty promises that my drive would be sent out several times, and it never was. FInally I get my drive last week (week of Feb 6. 2 months after I sent in the drive)

The drive worked great for 2 DVD’s with full lables, and one CD without any label.

Now the drive will not burn. I need to call teh support center today and argue. I am going to ask them to buy the drive back. I would like to stay with a lightscribe drive since I have all this media that costs more than standard media. I do not want to go with another unreliable drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable lightscribe drive (preferably one not made by LiteOn or HP)

benq 1655 looks promising and probably your best bet

i called hp. they are rmaing it. sending me a new drive, some free media, and prepaid labels.

I also bought a 1655 from compusa (compusa box, 1655 label on drive, 1655 pics on box)