February version of DVDFab

Will their be a February version higher than DVDFab to download?

Only if a new copy protection is found or a fix has been done to something that not work correctly.

Yeah you are right my friend, course I don’t see any real problems with this ver(5232) am very impressed with this release :iagree: :clap::clap:

same here no problems

Yes indeed:clap: Very stable version .!!!

The entire country of China is on the national New Year’s / Spring holiday. They will be back at work soon and the frequent update schedule will resume. 5232 is a good release for the things I use.

I havent found any issues with the new version as of yet, I almost always use the Clone Mode but I have tried the other modes and they seem very stable with all the newer releases.

Yeah it is very stable thats for sure :iagree: the best thing about it is none of the other members have been sending me PM’s asking for older version :bigsmile: or I should say ver 5122 :cool:

Have to agree with the others here. Very stable version.