Features that should be added to neroLINUX

Hi, I would first like to say that I am very glad that nero has chosen to create a linux port of its application, unlike most other software companies.

The application is great, but there is just a few things that I would like to see as part of the application before I would feel completely comfortable with purchasing a license.

Here is my small list of things I would like to see in newer versions of neroLINUX:

  1. Calculate and Equalize the volume of all sound tracks!!!
  2. Be able to open and edit iso’s
  3. Be able to write Track-at-once
  4. neroLINUX still seems to be a little buggy when burning cds…it has been 1 out of 3 to 4 cds not burning sucessfully for me =( . Nero in windows has never had that problem.
  5. neroLINUX Express would be nice too! =)

Hopefully someone on the nero team takes my suggestions into consideration. And hopefully some other people can stress some of my suggestions or offer their own.

Hum… you can burn in Track at Once with NeroLINUX: Just unselect ‘Disc at once’ in the recorder options tab.

Thanks for pointing that out mathf. I havent had any need for track at once yet but I though I read somewhere that you couldnt do track at once with NeroLINUX…

  1. neroLINUX Express would be nice too! =)

I have created a Thread in the Nero forum asking this feature in nero linux, this is the link


I think that is the best place to ask for that feature.

Thanks, that was very helpful אדריכלים