Features of Nero 5.5

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Nero 5.5 comes this Feb2001 and it will have a lot exciting new features:

OEM and Retail version:

  • WaveEditor
  • Cover Designer
  • CD-Extra pre-mastering
  • VCD/SVCD menu…
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1108-Features-of-Nero-5_5___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1108-Features-of-Nero-5_5___.html)

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Anybody know if Nero 5.x can still burn psx games?

Yep, that’s no prob.

Now the ? is if they will support Romeo fileformat at last

This is very cool!!! Nero rulez!!!

how about burn with mp3 decoding?

Yep nero rulez indeed i burn almost every cd whit it…
pc,psx,vcd,and mp3 to audio…

this and cdrwin rules!!!

They would RULE even more if they had a LINUX version,
Then i would only need WinShit98 for playing SOLDIER OF FORTUNE!

Hey Dark-Shadow!
You don’t need Windows to play Soldier of fortune:

Loki Games also has ports of Unreal Tournament, Q3A, Deus Ex and lots of other games…

Just wait a while!!!
MAC version is going to be released this month I believe. So they might make a LinuX version 4 ya!

Is it possible to copy Diablo ][ with NERO??

And if, then how?

Happy New Year 2 U

Hey I know that most people just “obtain” serials for this program. But to those who “actually own it”… Is Nero 5.5 a free upgrade for any owners of Nero 5.0.x.x, or is it a new release that we’ll have to buy? Also… what’s the difference between Retail, O.E.M., and Mp3 editons of the program?

So let me get this straight: You can convert DivX to (S)VCD with Nero using the new encoder?!?!

As I have understood, the upgrade to version 5.5 will be free to those who actually bought version 5.

So personally I am looking forward to that free upgrade

Guess ut;s “hello Nero, bye bye Easy CD Destroyer”!!

Nero still Rulez…

Don’t use Nero and Adaptec in the same sentence pleazzz

ante,I see you live a day ahead of the rest.
acording to the date.
so you wil have it first.

The added VCD SVCD features are a welcome addition. This prog is the best for SVCD and VCD production. I’d like to see more DVD ripping , encoding and cd burning news on CD Freaks. I can’t download or upload MP3s due to dial up bandwidth and non availability of high speed. I can at least make beautiful DVD rips in SVCD format. Now if I could only share them with the rest of the world I’d feel that much better.

Were is a new clone cd for safedisk 2.0
Come on ollie…