Feature suggestion for cdrecord/WODIM: Ability to write without exclusive drive access

I tried to send the following message to WODIM developers, but out of multiple email addresses, none was working and the message bounced back from different email addresses. Therefore, I am posting it here. Maybe one of you can reach out to a cdrecord/WODIM developer and forward my message to them.

I suggest an option in WODIM to allow the user, at his own risk, to start burning a disc without requiring to lock the drive for exclusive access. The flag could be named -nolock or something similar.

This has two reasons:

  • For experiments on rewriteable media
  • Sometimes, some inactive process in the background is locking the drive and making WODIM unable to use it at all. Instead of going through the headache of tracking down the process that causes this, it would be much more convenient to type -nolock and just start recording. Like already said, at my own risk.

There is already -force, but that does not allow burning if the drive is locked.

I hope my feature suggestion will be considered.