Feature Requests for DVDFab

Hi Fentango,

I was reading through the thread on the features people would like for DVDFab and there seems many good ones but alot of repetition of varaitions on the theme.

As an idea -->

Would it be possible for you to list a top 5, top 10 somewhere on your web-site and allow people to vote for these ?

I guess the admins on the board could be the people who could add to or remove the feature list as they are completed etc… but perhaps a more focused way of letting people give their feedback (and more visible too).

I still think these boards are hugely valuable and do not want to take away from something that works but maybe give a better focus.

The only other thing I guess would be to allow a single vote (per item) to (registered) users, so that results do not get scewed.

Hope that makes sense.