Feature request

OK, some requested features, which should be not too difficult to implement:

  • want to have a checkbox to select “all Subtitles”, because often there are a lot, and it is tedious to select them all by clicking at each of them

  • remembering the Directory. DVD2One should start at the same directory where I last have left it.

  • Auto-Set target directory: When my source is in D:\DVD\ThatsMyMovie\VIDEO_TS, target directory should set automatically to D:\DVD\ThatsMyMovie_DVD2One\VIDEO_TS or something similar

thanks a lot

I agree on the first 2 requests which could be usefull and propably not to difficult to implement.

But I disagree on the last request - I definately do not want it to autoset target directory to the same harddrive as the project. I allways process to a secondary harddrive because this speeds up the process considerably. Autosetting targetdirectory to something specific based on the place of the projectdirectory would then mean I would have to change it everytime. I think a better sollution would be something similar to request 2 - simply remember the last targetdirectory.

this would mean:

1: remember the last projectdirectory and remember the last targetdirectory - then you could allways just use the same 2 directorys - nomatter where you have decided them to be and would never have to change anything.

Woot, DVD2OneX already does those last two (well, remembering where you last saved your target directory, not automatically setting one); and for the first issue, how hard is it to select the first sub, hold down ‘shift’ and select the last one? Bam! All subs selected, and no needless interface clutter added.

Well, it does remember the last Source and Destination Directory, thats right, but when clicking on “Select”, it goes to the “My Computer” folder, it would be nice if it would go automatically to the “remembered” directory.

And holding down “shift” while selecting the first and last sub does not work, at least in the Windows version.