Feature request



The preview player is only available for the conversion feature, I would also like to have it available with the backup feature when you select the main movie mode, I think this would be a nice improvement to the program.



The reason I think the preview player would be a nice improvement is because when you insert a DVD and select “Copy Main Movie” you receive the following pop-up…

And if you click on the question mark next to the drop-down for the main movie title you receive the following pop-up…

Instead of the user having to use a media player software or even a standalone DVD player to find the correct title for the backup, the built-in preview player could be used which would be saving time and trouble for the user.

The best or a possible location for the preview player for the main movie mode would be as shown below…

This way when the user selects a title the preview button could be pressed which would play the selected title for easy viewing, and the information pop-up/button can be eliminated. :cool:



SJ yes I am a registered user and I think your request is a great and logical idea thanks for asking and yes you can call me
Tim :smiley:


Thanks for responding Tim :cool:

With some of these new types of protections now a days you might have to watch the title to the end, course it would really come in handy if you like to copy certain episodes from your TV series collections :smiley: like I do. :bigsmile: