Feature Request: Verification of written data




am I missing something or does CloneDVD not have an option to verify the written data?

If not, I would like to request such a feature as I find it very useful to know that the written DVD is at least readable in the drive that has written on it and has the data on it that it has supposed to have. (tempus? :o :bigsmile: )

Thanks in advance. :flower:


i agree totally a much needed feature IMHO



Me too!


does that mean it will be implimented soon? :smiley:


I don’t know what you mean with “soon”. It is on my wishlist, together with:
1.) Current Read/Write Speed “real time” display
2.) Setting play order for titles copied without menus
3.) Setting default subtitle / audio stream for titles copied without menus
4.) Merging discs
5.) Easier splitting
6.) Removing material from menus.


Good to hear that it may be implemented in an upcoming version.

And it’s even better that #3 is already on your list as it would have been my next request. :cool:


Please please please I want (3) too:bow:
Was going to ask Olli for that!

I like to save subtitles for some of the friends of mine that arnt too good with English, only on those occasions, I want the English subs on for them.

All the other times I want them OFF! which is most of the times.

Yet I really find it very anoying, to rush for the remote when the first English sub title hits the screen, just to turn them off! Sometimes dialog doesnt start for many minutes. I never save the menu, so the only way to stop them is via the remote. It just spoils the presentation:sad:

My idea was to have the same green arrow (as in the video section) to select the sound and subs you want as the default at startup!

Great idea for improving the presetation of a film.:slight_smile:


My wish list includes many of the excellent user controlled features currently in DVDShrink, such as:
. the ability to set compresson levels by title
. the ability to set start and end frames in any title
. the ability to set default subtitles and audio stream for any title
. the ability to set the sequence included titles are to be played on the backup (when menus are not included)
. the ability to select titles from multiple directories on the hard disk for inclusion in a backup

And - I’d love to see Ollie visiting us again in the forums . . . .