Feature Request thread

Dear All

If you have an idea for a new feature for one of the DVDFab products please post here.


What about a feature located on the main movie section where it will add some custom menus back. Kinda like when you take a movie file(vob,avi,mp4, etc…) with ConvertXtoDVD and add menu’s to it. Sometimes you want menus, but not all the bonus material associated with it. That way you could just have the movie and still have some menus for it.

Wait, didn’t dvdfab have something like this b4?

Also what about dvdfab letting you select what DVD files you want to rip in, Kinda like DVD Decrypter? That way when your ripping in a move and get to a file that you cant rip in, you could try that file on a different drive without having to rip the whole movie over again. When i used DVD Decrypter to back-up a movie and got to a file i couldn’t Decrypt, i would skip over it. Then try it in another drive. Alot of times the other drive would rip it in. Then i would take that file and copy it over to the other files i ripped in on the original drive. I would then have a complete set of good files to burn. Is that even possible with DVDFab?