Feature Request thread

Post Features you think would be useful

maybe more complex configuration… 2-pass VBR, posibility to select the final size…

right now the quality for me is really bad… and the time of compressing is too large for the quality that the program offers.


PD. its only me or the program resizes the video to a vcd resolution? i ask this because i did a test with one of my dvd’s and the quality was ugly and the video seems to be resized…

I’d like to see a “Shutdown when finished” option and a it should store a log file.

ratdvd on XBOX
First of all, great program and big up to the coders that made this concept possible in such a convenient format.

But what I want to see is RatDVD playing on my XBMC/XBMP… hell just playing in the original .ratdvd format on my XboX

Please make it happen!

Best Regards

A native 64bit version for the new x86-64 CPUs from both AMD & Intel would be really cool for those of us that have these.

Also, I assume that rDVD is natively a multi-threded app, if not then this would also be a great feature…as it would work well with the even newer breed of 64bit CPUs: dual core versions!

log file is severely needed!

A batch tool maybe ?

Direct burn of DVD from ratDVD.

How about Win2k support? At least give us playback capabilities… I can always encode on one of my XP machines (I have two of them), but I mainly use the three Win2k machines, one of which is hooked into my home theater system.

(oh, and I second the Xbox XBMC support)

I would like to have a preview funktion to see how the Movie looks like before transcoding the hole movie.

Furthermore I would like to see how much time the process would take.

More wishes coming up :wink:

Would it be possible for ratDVD to chop away the Black Bars from (f.e. 16:9) Movies away automatically? And wouldn’t that make the resulting file smaller as well?

(1) A timer.
(2) Raise the maximum size limit to 5GB instead of 4GB so us folks who are using your software for the sole reason to squeeze a dual layer DVD in to a single layer DVD…the current limit leaves 700 megabytes available that could only improve the resulting video for sure if allowed.
(3) Somehow ESTIMATE the APPROXIMATE size of the resulting file.
(4) Speed speed speed


Very happy with this piece of software but need more speed on encoding to slow.takes 3 to 4 hours on my pc and this runs in low priority mode for some reason.

Dell dimension xps gen 3

Window xp pro service pack two.

Cpu p4 ht 3.6ghzs

Video radeon x800xt express with 256ram

SB Audigy 2 ZS

2gig of ram

c drive wdc rapter 74gig

I’d vote for a ‘shutdown when finished’ option as well - for something that takes around 8 or 9 hours, it would be handy when you have to leave it running overnight.

a pause button as well. i know it runs in low priority, but it would be useful if you wanted to check an email or something.

and probably the one thing i want to see above anything …

MAKE IT FASTER !!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I’d like to have more options how the movie will be transcoded (or encoded ?!) like you can choose at the codecs like Divx, Xvid and X264… The Speed isn’t as important in my opinion, what I’m more interested in is quality. A Timer would be great and also a Pause button. Is it possible that DVD Standalones will support ratdvd in future ? That would be the best thing I can think of :slight_smile:

Maybe an icon associated to the .ratDVD file?

Why can’t I listen on WMP10 the ratDVD file from a DVD with AC3 v2.0 sound?

option to rip DVDs without converting to ratDVD format.

It would be very good a DirectShow media player integrated to RatDVD program, because of several media players still don’t support this new format. I myself only got a perfect playback using Moopeg media player.


Non-DirectShow playback code release, for players that do not support DirectShow (like most UNIX/Linux player; MPlayer, XINE; VideoLAN-Client), TIA