Feature request: Source size information

Ho there!

I have a feature request that I have mentioned in an earlier posting somewhere:
I’d like to have more information on the filesize of a project. For myself I employed a police of not using DVD2One when the source material is larger than 5.5 GB.
I’d like to see a live updated info on how large exactly a given project is. So you’ll see for example that a given project with all audio streams is 6.1 GB. Then you deselect the DTS track, now you’re down to 5.4 GB. Deselect the Spanish AC3 and you’re down at 5.2 GB.
Also include the necessary reduction percentage. In the above example, 5.2 -> 4.36 is roughly 15%.

This would make it much easier and convenient to judge if a project is worthwhile for DVD2One or what has to be stripped out or may remain.