[Feature Request] Remove trailers/studio logos/warnings included in the Menu

One of my favorite features of CloneDVD2 is its ability to remove studio logos, trailers, and warnings so that the disk loads the menu directly without any annoying distractions. Unfortunately, many studios have now begun including warnings, studio logos, and even trailers within the menu which CloneDVD2 can not remove. CloneDVD2 only gives the option to retain the menu in its entirety or to leave it out altogether.

Olli, do you think you could provide us the option of removing parts of the menu we do not want? I was thinking of including a drop down menu above Video Titles which would allow the section of menu titles.

This feature was requested earlier here [http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=142383] but no response was given as to whether this feature is planned for a future release.

maybe Menu Shrink or DvdReMake could fill the gap for you in the mean time.


Thanks for the suggestions. I was already aware of DVDReMake Pro and I’ve tried it in the past. The Menu Shrink website states that it will convert a video menu into a still frame menu which isn’t what I want to do. I just want to remove the warnings, studio logos, and trailers which are now being placed into the menu.

While DVDRemake would work, it would add another step to my backup process increasing complexity and time needed. Right now, when I backup a disk I first run it through CloneDVD2 in DVD+R/-R DL mode so the transcoder isn’t used. I retain the main movie, the English language track, and the menu. That removes all the extras and and any warnings or trailers that aren’t part of the menu. After that, I load the VIDEO_TS folder created by CloneDVD2 into DVDShrink and use Deep Analysis and AEC to get the highest quality backup attainable through transcoding.

For an average length movie, it takes 8-15 minutes to rip with CloneDVD2 and an hour to do Deep Analysis and transcode with AEC. With DVDRemake, I would need to run it through DVD Decrypter or CloneDVD2 first, then DVDRemake, and then DVD Shrink, since DVDRemake requires that the files be on the disk already.

DVDRemake Pro takes less time than I thought it would to export the edited DVD files and its explorer view layout makes it very easy to remove warnings, logos, and trailers that start before the root menu. Thanks again for the suggestion. It’s a great tool.

I remember reading somewhere that Slysoft likes to keep things simple with Clonedvd2 so they omit some features on purpose.


I think you’re right. However, I don’t see why this couldn’t be added as an advanced option which is hidden from view unless a setting is enabled in preferences for Advanced Options.

are you sure the logos and things are within the menu? i’ve seen them where once you click “play” from the menu you’re launched into the logos and trailers since they are shoved at the beginning of the main movie titleset.

if the above is the case then it’s been discussed before about clonedvd2’s inability to cut by frame (as dvdshrink does) as oposed to by chapter (its current capability).

it had to do with the fact that clonedvd2 always offers you the option to retain menus whereas with shrink if you do any reauthoring the menus go bye-bye. clonedvd2 cannot offer the frame by frame cutting that would allow you to snip out logos and trailers that are embedded in titlesets while still maintaining the “preserve menu” option.

if the parts you’re talking about are indeed within the menu itself then I’m not sure what the explanation is.

Like Taylor30, I’ve seen it mentioned numerous times that Clonedvd2 is a “1-click” program in essence. it’s meant to be simple. hidden advanced options might be a decent idea though unless there’s some actual technical reason that what you’re asking can’t be attained (as I mentioned above)

I think if you’ll search you’ll find numerous “want lists” and “feature requests” for clonedvd2 and it seems like despite all of the wishlists that have been posted, the developers have a specific idea of what clonedvd2 is and what it isn’t.

I’m looing forward to hearing the “official” word on this though!


Thanks for the informative reply. The logos and warnings are in fact part of the menu. They play before the root menu loads and usually use Protected User Operations to prevent you from skipping them on the original DVD. DVDShrink shows the titles as part of the menu.

Is this an issue others are having problems with? As I have been backing up my disks, I have found a surprising number of them include FBI warnings, trailers, studio logos, and even extras in the menu itself. For example Moulin Rouge [R1 WS 2-Disk Edition] has about 1 GB of extras in the menu in addition to several warning screens, and a Fox video advertising their films! I used DVDRemake to remove them as CloneDVD doesn’t remove anything in the menu.

Other movies that include warnings or studio logos in the menu are Spy Game [R1 WS], Murder On A Sunday Morning [R1 WS], Manchurian Candidate [R1 WS 1963 version], Who Framed Roger Rabbit [R1 WS] just to name a few. It seems like I’m the only one noticing this problem but I see the issues on at least 1/4 of the disks I’ve tried to backup. I would give a complete list but I can’t remember which ones were problematic .

i’ve honestly never come across a dvd with previews/fbi warnings/promotional crap in the MENU itself which was why i gave the alternate explanation above.

unfortunately I don’t own any of the movies you listed, otherwise I’d love to test them out.

there’s a free program called MenuShrink. I’m not sure how to use it, but by the name alone it sounds like it might be useful for this situation if you want to give it a try!


i think it’s main use is turning high graphic/motion menus into still menus, but it might have some additional flexibility that lets you dump the sections you’re talking about.

I don’t use the program, otherwise I’d give you more detailed info, but it’s something to play with i guess haha


The problem with MenuShrink is that it turns the menus into still frames which I don’t want to do. I just want to remove the parts of the menu I don’t want- warnings, trailers, and studio logos. I have been able to do this successfully with DVDRemake Pro.

I also want to skip over the 2 seconds of black video that CloneDVD creates. This normally isn’t an issue if CloneDVD only removes a studio logo, but if the DVD has a studio logo, a warning message and a trailer screen before it loads to the menu, there’s 6 seconds of black before the menu even loads. Unfortunately, when I try to hide the blocks in DVDRemake Pro, it still plays as it did before.

I was able to successfully skip over these blocks by using vobblanker to blank all black frames which all happened to be either 0.15 seconds and 1 second long.

I just ran into another movie with this issue. Cinderella Man [R1 WS Dual-Sided Flip Disk]. It has a “views expressed in the commentary reflect only those of the individuals…” warnings followed by a trailer screen followed by an FBI warning. The warnings and trailers are included in the menu and are not removed by CloneDVD2.

i use PgcEdit, you can pick what files you want removed by pressing ctrl+k (kill PGC playback) or right click and choosing this option, it has removed unwanted warning screens that i dont want, this program also remove buttons that you dont want either