Feature Request: RAM Caching!


If all Bugs fixed in VeloSSD, UserInterface is Refreshed and the translations are very good and a Cache repair/check feature is add and a real “read only Cache” are added to…please add a RAM Caching feature to VeloSSD too.

i think a 2 Level Caching System. is the best way. the most used files are copy in the RAM Cache. This files and all other more used files are in the Cache Volume.

On the boot of the System VeloSSD create a RAM Cache and copy the most used Files in the RAM Cache. if the System crash, no problem all files are Safe in the SSD Cache.

Thanks for that feature request, but
there is no need to cache in RAM because:

Windows has a build in Ram Cache Manager
that is highly integrated and optimized.
So it´s already a 2 level storage cache.

It would be nice to see how high IOPS
will be raised when served from RAM though…

we promised to make ram cache work. It is a higher level of cache then SSD. Like today in CPU´s. They got a 1st and 2nd level of cache on the chip. Think of VeloSSD being cache level 2, and cache level 1 is RAM.
The software is currently in a closed Beta.

I have to say I am impressed. :wink: