Feature Request Nero 7

We need some significant differences from previous versions to make people want to get version 7. Some fetaure requests that users want may do the trick. Particularly some things that the opposition may not do.

My inital request I would like is to see Nero Express (Make DVD Video) have facilty to allow multiple audio tracks (Dobly Digital (AC-3) 5.1 or 2 channel etc) and also be able to keep a subtitle. This allows you for instance to put together a best of your video with only the bits you want to watch without having to reach for the remote to fast foward or skip. Very useful for music videos, concerts and many others uses others could think of that would suit them.

  1. I would like the ability to change font sizes in menus
  2. I would like the ability to convert divx to dvd/mpeg2
  3. I would like the ability to convert flac files to wav format.

Id like to be able to burn .img with out having to change the file extension to .iso

to solve that just put view all files and chose the .img

I’d like to see Nero VisionExpress [make DVD Movie] put the ‘end/stop’ tag at the end of the movie when it burns. [Or is it a function of BurningRom that VE calls?]

All the DVD’s I’ve made with NVE play to the end, then restart automatically at the beginning [endless loop]. Those same movies when copied with clonedvd2 end properly.

I would like Nero 7 Express/Vision (or would like to know how to do it) to be able to make a DVD from video files without having to have a menu.