Feature request: Move subtitles

Hi all,

I have a feature request. I don’t know where to send it, so I have chosen to post it here, so that others may comment my surgestion.

I have a projector and a 2.35:1 screen. The very wide screen makes the “movie effect” much better, but there is one problem. Often times the subtitles are positioned in the black bars underneath, and this is far from ideal when I have this screen.

I have found a program, called DVD Fab 0.17.1 (DVD Fab) that can actually move the subtitles up in the picture (the application is quite old, the current version does not contain this functionality). You simply specify a number of lines that must not contain subtitles in the top and the bottom, and then the directory to the vob files to process. It works quite well, but it is not very convinient that I have to rip the move to the harddisk and then process the file. I believe that it should be possible to use an application like AnyDVD to do this processing on the fly, just like it processes the stream to not contain CSS code and PUOs, etc.

Hope that my which is at least taken into consideration.

Thanks in advance.
BR, René

This is a very nice idea! As AnyDVD is more and more recognised as a “must have” utility by Home Theater enthusiasts (example review: http://www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk/reviews/software.asp?Index=9887 ) we believe this could be a desired feature by many customers. We will seriously think about it.
On the other hand… it would make more sense, if this feature (setting the size and colour of the subtitles as well?) would be implemented in the player software.
I suggest you ask blight, if he can add it to Zoomplayer.
Putting this into the player software would offer a much better, interactive control.

I have asked him that (scroll down to post made by “rej”):
Feature requests (move subtitles)
Others are also looking for this feature, here is a post from as late as today:
Any way to move subtitles?

Unfortunately his answer is that he cannot do this as he has no control over the decoders.

Anyway, I believe it is possible to process the stream before it gets to e.g. zoomplayer/theatertek/powerDVD etc. by an application like AnyDVD, in the same way that DVDFab used to do it, in the old versions. I hope you could take a look at the DVDFab application, so that you get an idea of how it works (for subtitles within the 2.35:1 picture, specify 72 lines in top and bottom without subtitles for NTSC movies and 80 lines for PAL movies).

I seriously hope you could add this feature, I would be very happy for it. A very smart feature would be some kind of keyboard shortcuts for different presets, so that it would be possible to control the subtitles by e.g. girder (e.g. a nudge up/down by a preset value (e.g. 10 pixels) at each keypress). That would rock! and I am sure that a lot of HT enthusiasts are desperate for a feature like this.


I’d like most certainly see this kind option in AnyDVD, as propably many more peoples than just I use for example (still) their H+ DVD-decoder card, which is “legacy” product nowadays, so no hope for new software versions, especially this kind of ‘total’ new stuff…

My few ideas what to include to this options, not sure is everything doable etc, but ideas…

  • resizing of text, so making it bigger or smaller, by persentages or pixel sizes?

  • moving horizontally and vertically, again amount could be inputted by pixels or percentages, or lines (line is height of one… well… one text line after possible resize)

  • also option to do “reverse effect on text appearing upperside of screen” as sometimes movies has text on upperside of picture few lines for some reason. I mean that if I move ‘normal’ text (in bottom of screen) to 30 pixels to up, then text appearing to upperside would go 30 pixels to down, this would be useful with person who has cutted image from top and bottom, but text appears in black areas originally.

  • also I’d like text color change as I see dark yellow text way better than ordinary white.

  • option to place text to start in specific height/place so that it would place all text in same position regardless of movie

So… these is my humble wishes for subtitle tweaking by AnyDVD. I don’t know if they are possible to do all, but just what I’d see would be good options…

Thank you

Yes, I understand. It would be possible for PowerDVD or WinDVD to add such a feature. (This means: it will never happen)
We will investigate, if and how such a feature can be integrated into AnyDVD.
Thank you for the suggestion!

And if you need an alpha/beta tester… you know who to call :bigsmile:

i have a question about the anydvd settings for subtiltes version4.5.5.1
under navigation in settings i check the box 'remove annoying advertis and trailers"also check “jump directly to main movie”, here is the problem 95% of the time when i play the dvd it jumps to main movie with the sublites on why is this.?

This is player dependant. Where do you play them?