Feature Request: Making single DVD image from flipper (2-sided DVD)



I know a few people have asked how to do this, but what I would like to see in a future version of DVD2One is the ability to merge the two sides of a flipper DVD (slang for a double sided DVD). I have several flipper discs that I would like to convert to a single sided disc for playback purposes.

I know some people say the quality would suffer, but really, no more so in most cases than taking a dual-layer DVD-9 and compressing it down to a DVD-5. Most of the flipper discs I own are single layer (DVD-5) on each side.

I have an older copy of the movie Seven, for example, which was released as a flipper. The obnoxious part is that you have to flip the DVD over in the middle of the movie to watch the whole thing. It would be nice if DVD2One let me merge the two sides into a single image that I could burn.

Similarly, all of my Spawn animated series DVDs are flippers. It would be nice to back each one up onto a single-sided disc for convenience and archival purposes.

Obviously, I wouldn’t do this with a DVD-18, but I only own one of those – The Stand miniseries was released in the U.S. on a single DVD disc, double sided, two layers per side. There’s no way I’d try to compress all that onto a single DVD+R.


yes,i agree.


Re: Feature Request: Making single DVD image from flipper (2-sided DVD)
I too would like this feature, in the Mac OS X version please.


Until/unless the D2O team incorporates such a feature, the guide (amended) at sirscrub.com for LotR produces very nice 1-disk copies of flippers. Of the 11,000 or so dvd-titles, only around 70 are true ‘flippers’, so following such a guide (which includes the use of a couple free utilities) is not such a high price for backing-up.
Whether you use Con or Var (as I tend to), you’ll find the quality of virtually all of these flippers is quite good–even viewed on a large-screen plasma. I see no need, personally, to buy and fuss with an extra blank for side B’s…

BTW…I did The Stand for giggles (frankly, I would find the loss of my original to be small…<g>), and it came out rather well…try it and view on 'puter.