Feature Comparison List



A new updated list 8/16/05

Model Sold in Country Record Media {TV Tuner} [Extras] (Notes)
LVW-5001A US +R(RW) {mono} (origional model)
LVW-5001B UK+ +R(RW) {mono} [scart in/out]
LVW-5002A US +R(RW) {mono} [with TV guide/Video Plus+] (minor update of 5001) *
LVW-5002B UK+ +R(RW) {mono} [scart in/out with ShowView] (minor update of 5001) *
LVW-5007 US (Sears)+R(RW) {mono} [with TV guide/Video Plus+] (much like the 5001) *
LVW-5101 US +R(RW) {mono} (new style front and remote) (Now discontinued US)
LVW-1001[ Mini] US +R(RW) {mono} (new style case and remote) * New compact
LVW-5004 (old) UK+ All Write {mono} [scart in/out] (Now discontinued)
LVW-5004 (new) UK+ All Write {mono} [scart in/out, with ShowView] New
LVW-5005A US All Write {mono} (origional model)
LVW-5005A (new) US All Write {mono} (minor change to LED display)
LVW-5005B UK+ All Write {mono} [scart in/out]
LVW-5005XS US All Write {mono} (much like 5104) New
LVW-5005X US All Write {mono} (new style front panel and remote) New
LVW-5006A US (RadioShack) All Write {mono} (dropped from RS catalog) *
LVW-5006B UK+ All Write {mono/stereo?} [scart in/out, with ShowView] *
LVW-5104/5105 US (RadioShack) All Write {mono} (minor difference from 5005A) *
LVW-5006 [DL] Worldwide? All Write { stereo} [scart in/out, dual layer] rumored
LVW-5008 [Cam-Duet] Worldwide? All Write {stereo} [scart in/out, front s-video and USB] rumored
LVW-5010 Worldwide? All Write {stereo} [scart in/out] rumored
LVW-5026A US All Write {stereo} [with TV Guide/Video Plus+,80GB HDD] * New
LVW-5026B UK+ All Write {stereo} [scart in/out, with ShowView, 80GB HDD] * New
LVW-5045A US All Write {stereo} [with TV guide/Video Plus+, 160GB HDD] *
LVW-5045B UK+ All Write {stereo} [scart in/out, with ShowView, 160GB HDD] *
LVW-5046 Worldwide? All Write {stereo} [scart in/out, 160GB HDD] * New
LVC-9006 US All Write {stereo} [ DVD - VHS VCR Combo with VCRPlus+] *

  • With 3hour record mode

Gateway AR-230 (re-branded LVW-5001) sold by Gateway and on internet
ILO DVDR04 (re-branded LVW-5001) sold by WalMart US
ILO DVDR05 (re-branded LVW-5002) sold by WalMart US
ILO DVDRH04 (re-branded LVW-5045) sold by WalMart US
Daytek P30 (re-branded LVW-5001) sold in Canada


Thanks for a very useful list!

My 5007 is labeled LWV-5007A, for what it’s worth. Manufacture date is September 2004.

I understand that the earliest models do not have fans in the back. That would be useful information in your list. Also, the ILO DVDR05 is made by Cyberhome, not Liteon, according to references I see online.

(Also, can you sort the list by model number? It’s not quite in order…)


I try to keep upto date but some information is very hard to find.
Like fans in back, heat sinks, drive numbers

IlO models are rebadged Liteons - could be jobed out by Liteon

LWV-5007 A or B is just a lable as all 5007 were made only for the US

this site has limited ability to modify posts

I will try to update when I have more info, but may have to reposted,
sorry for any errors but I don’t get paid. :o

Feel free to make and post changes. :wink:


CCRomeo - Nice List! if ya want to send me the updated list in a PM when you do it I can edit your original post to keep it in the same spot and note that you updated it or you can repost it if you want.


Thanks very much,
no idea how to do it, don’t want to repost, I will sent you an update soon as I have some major changes.

no idea how to find about fans…

Just want to help but sure you know how hard it is to find the latest info, feel free to jump in as I am mostly on the UK site now.

Sorry but some (not you) can be rude here, but I don’t give up, even as a “junior Member”.


A regular user can only edit their post for a certain time period I think it’s 5 minute I’ll hafta check on it.

All the info is hard to come by unless you have the unit in your hands. My Sep '04 5005 has the fan in the back and the 3 heat sinks - black one on CPU 2 smaller silver ones by the IDE cable connection and it came with the ddw-451-s drive and no factory installed 3 hour mode.
If anybody wants to post their info so it can be gathered do it in the topic.

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Just received the replacement of my LVW-5005A

Date - Jan 2005 (replaced old Oct 2004)
Number - 602501018968
FW - 0098 (no 3hr mode)
S/N: 0102 1840 0098 B208 (105-010D)(not hacked)
Main Board - REV:02 (3 heat sinks 1 large/black 2 small/silver)
That front cutout USB size
Drive Number - DDW 813S
No brand on tuner - (Jinxin? mono with hum - no Philips label)
I did not notice any other changes


I have the ILO DVDR05 from Walmart. It does not have the TV Guide. I wrote Ilo tech support and the reply I got said that the DVDR05 does not have the chip installed.


ILO DVDR05 is a rebranded Cyberhome CH-DVR1600 ( not a LiteOn)


both are rebranded LieOn units


If you look at the Ilo and the CyberHome, they look almost identical.

I went to <www.liteon.com>.

The LVW-5002 has the following

HQ 1hr
SP 2hrs
LP 3hrs
EP 4hrs
SLP 6hrs

The Ilo DVDR05 has the following

SP 2 HRs
LP 3 HRs
EP 4 HRs
EP+ 7 HRs
SLP 8 Hrs

As you can see they are not the same in terms of recording quality.

It would appear that they are different machines.

But if you know something we don’t know, please share it with us. The people on the other forums are convinced the Ilo DVDR05 is the same as the CyberHome 1600.

BTW, Walmart has the Ilo on sale for $99 and Best Buy has the CyberHome on sale for $99. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it.


as far as I know the fact that the use the same drives and firmware as LiteOn is a big clue.