Feasibility of encoding vinyl to hi-def audiio?

I told my buddy I’d help him convert his Vinyls to a digital format. This is easy enough to do (or so I’ve read) at CD-Quality, but since I can never leave well enough alone, I was wondering about grabbing hi-def audio from the vinyls.

I know there is much debate as to weather the average human ear can distinguish between 16-bit/44.1KHz and 24-bit/96Khz. I also know how forum discussions can spiral out of control. I don’t wish to have this debate, and if you do please try to stop yourself from responding. :disagree:

I just want to know if it’s feasible (not futile) to actually capture the stream in hi-def, and if so to get some recommendations as to components of this system …

Working from the Source…

The Player:
My buddy spent a lot of money on a Vinyl Player, so I assume it’s “good enough”. I don’t have the Make/Model/Specs on me right now, but if this is a matter of debate I’d be happy to grab them. It has only RCA-Out which brings me to:

The Cables:
I haven’t been able to find anything that says that RCA cables are not suited for HD-Audio. I just assume get some ‘good cables’ and make it happen. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a brand?

The Phono Preamp:
We need one of these. Is a model in the $50-$100 range ‘good enough’ or should we go higher? Any recommendations?

The Cables (again):
I assume the requirements coming out of the preamp are the same as above.

The Sound Card:
Oviously we’ll need a sound card capable of grabbing 24/96 over the Line In. I’ve always heard good things about the audigy, but is it really necessary to get that expensive? Any recommendations here?

I gather that WavPack is the best or among the best codecs, from what I’ve read, so i guess I’ll use that as my codec. Can anyone recommend a better codec, Open Source or otherwise?

Thanks in advance.

Very off-topic here, which is probably why you didn’t get any reply yet.

While waiting for the thread to be moved to the audio section, I’ll reply just to the codec question: quality-wise, there is no difference AT ALL between all non-compressed formats that will allow 24bits/96Khz. Quality considerations and comparisons apply only between compression methods, or audio files of different resolutions. Two codecs transcoding to non-compressed files and with the same resolution and bit depth, won’t show any difference in audio quality. :disagree: So just pick the one you like the most for other aspects (price, convenience, compatibility with players, you name it).