Fear The Cd Wallet!

this is like kinda media related
for those of you who store cds in wallets, ie; the kind that have clear plastic sleeves, you may have noticed that if you use those “cheap” cds with silver backsides and you store them in there long enough that they WILL begin to have holes in them!
this happens even if you dont ever use the cds!
just look at them through the light
if any of you store double sided dvds in those cases, you will see what i mean, just pull one out and look at the side thats face up and you’ll probably notice that it has many small scratches on it, but the back may have virtually none
maybe its just me but ive lost over 20 cds just by looking through my cd wallets 3 separate ones totaling over 700 cds
so does any one know of any large capacity cd wallets that have fabric on BOTH sides? i have this small cheap one that came with some discwasher cleaning kit that has fabric on both sides thats semi transparent so you can still see what cd is inside
those seem to have 0 damage
i can post pics of the holey cds if any one wants or the kind of cd wallet im talking about
any help would be appreciated, thanx

Yes, and it’s called Case Logic CDW-xxx, where xxx = capacity. $20 for 128 model, which is the only I buy. The sleeves are black w/ double sided fabric slots. There’s also the 264 model, which goes for $35.

Ps. I forgot to mention CDR quality. It doesn’t matter what CD wallet you’re using if you only buying super super cheap media, 'cause they tend to kill themselves quite easily in short periods of time.

Geez Louise…you’re absolutely right…

I’ve stored cd’s and cdr’s in a case logic “standard” 264 size wallet and just took a very close look at random cd’s and cdr’s…


Several of my silver backed cd’s and cdr’s have gotten those micro holes…I’ve kept my wallets in a cool, dry spot as I am very anal about KEEPING my music…I too have over 700 cd’s and I’ve gone through 'em and now gotta go to some other storage…

I know, I know…shoulda never taken them out of their original hard cases…but I’m so transient I can’t take up all the space they take with the jewel cases…

How are the paper sleeves for long term? Do they have some kind of acid in the paper? I guess I’m gonna have to get the slim line jewel cases for best storage and compromise on my space considerations…


hey eternal, can you post those pics. i am curious because i have had many pthalocyanine cdrs die in a similar fasion.

Is this a chemical leaching issue or a mechanical scratching issue?

I, for one, would like to find a long-term storage method that does not involve jewel cases, slimline or regular.

Has anyone had bad experiences with Fellowes CD cases? I mostly use those.

I lost my only copy of windows me in this way. I noticed that I had over stuffed my case by two and things were pretty tight. That is what causes the holes…friction. Just keep from loading it real tight. As for losing windows me…who cares!!!

so this can effect all kinds of cds (silver topped, branded, manufactured etc…) My cd wallets are just paper with a plastic covering for the top side, never had a problem with them… Which kinds should be avoided?

My guess is pressed cds would be less likely to be damaged in this way. Burned cds actually have the data stored on the underside of the label on the top side. Wear through the label right into the data storage area.

so your saying that it’s the friction between the clear plastic and the top of the disc that is causing the holes, not the fabric used to protect the bottom?

That is what caused my problem…the clear plastic wore through the top of the disk. But only at the edge of the plastic from friction.
Just don’t over stuff and have a back-up stored elsewhere.

My damage seems to be from the plastic somehow sticking to the topside of my discs. I don’t know if the plastic is peeling off tiny sections of the disc or there’s a chemical reaction. The discs that are affected happen to be my oldest ones, so maybe it’s age related too. The touching of the plastic to the disc may cause a reaction somehow. Who fricken knows…

I’ve only had these discs in the wallets for 2 years, some I guess I haven’t removed in that time…All I know is, I’ve transferred everything to slim line jewel cases and will use my wallets for cdr copies of both-my original silvers and archived cdr’s when I’m mobile…

Anyone want some Case Logic 264 and 64 disc capacity wallets I have extra…I’ll only charge a paltry fee…:wink:

hi joel, does it only effect your silver top discs? All of mine are branded so hopefully the extra coating for the label will protect them.

Originally posted by BluDChyLD
hi joel, does it only effect your silver top discs? All of mine are branded so hopefully the extra coating for the label will protect them.

Yeah, the damaged discs I have are silver topped, both cdr and stamped cd’s…I didn’t notice any light coming through my “painted” or branded topped media.

How about putting the discs in “upside down”, so that the fragile label surface touches the woven backing while the tougher “play side” is touching the vinyl?

thats really wierd

i have like 4-6 different kind of cases and never had an issue w/ any of them except for this 1 printable cdr that i didnt print on and it started to rip up on the sides of the disc

guess i should consider myself lucky

i have some 4,2,1 per page caselogic, 4page cd projects, a 1 page neoprene(sp) that HP gave me, a 1 page some bubblegum brand, 2x 1page & 1x 2page caselogic dvd holders (double fabric)

and probably 2 50pak spindles that sit on my desk… but thats another story

what about labeling the cds?

or using a plastic label thingy that is adhesive and goes on both sides…

ive seen them on www.neato.com but they are not there now… its like a dual clear label… goes on both sides…

i think the best way would be to label everything and use wallets… :slight_smile:

Labeling a data CD that will be spinning at 11,000 RPM isn’t such a good idea.

These are quotes by Andy McFadden from his cdr faq website.

I’ve referenced often, especially about this topic…LABELS…

The adhesives on some labels can dissolve the protective lacquer coating if the adhesive is based on a solvent that the lacquer is susceptible to. Asymmetric labels can throw the disc out of balance, causing read problems, and labels not designed for CDs might bubble or peel off when subjected to long periods of heat inside a CD drive.

Adding an adhesive label to a disc can make it look more “professional”, but you have to be a little careful. If the label and the disc aren’t a good match, the label can start to delaminate after a while.

It may not be a good idea to put labels on discs that will be fed into a “slot in” CD player, such as those popular in dashboard car CD players. Sometimes the added thickness will cause the disc to get stuck.

then what to do?