FEAR DVD - bad file dates

CloneDVD will not copy this movie. I attached the IFO’s (with their odd dates) and a couple pictures of the files on the DVD. They have dates of 00/06/2049. Master error?

As you can see windows does not even see the file dates. I copied the files to my HD and altered their dates to a valid date and CloneDVD then will work.

You guys going to fix this?


Haven’t see Ollie in days. Must be on vacation.

Any word on this?

I want the original DVD. Do you have a place, where to order it? Title? Region? Country? UPC code?

I just tried to back up the DVD Fear to no avail :frowning: . I get the error message, "Directory Not Found E:/… [OSUtillO [WString]] "

The movie appears under the “Video Titles” section with the play time, chapters, and audio settings all appearing correct. Just cannot copy the movie. Any ideas or suggestions?