FEAR backup problem

I just purchased the F.E.A.R. PC CDROM and I was making a single backup file; the third of 5 of the discs will not burn for some reason. I am using NERO burning ROM and I tried express to no success. also, the disks that it tries to burn to are disfunctional thereafter. Any ideas? I am a first timer here.

Make an image of whole disk and extract the file with ISObuster or similar tools.

i actually was able to burn them after dowloading alcohol 120%. It installed fine off of the backups but when attempting to start FEAR on the desktop it does not recognize the CD I burned. it says that the original CD cannot be detected. so I put the original in, it started, then I took the original out and put my backup in and the game played fine. so there must be some way that it is distinguishing the original disk from the burned one. any solutions?