FEAR and the update...I fear the update

I installed fear, and used anti-blaxx to protect my original. Everything seemed to go good, except for when I decided to patch the game. Is their any way to play FEAR with the new patch using anti-blaxx? I had given up and used a crack, but now the game just crashes when I try to start it up using a crack. Been looking around for an answer, but can’t find it. Thanks,


Also, the error I get with the new patch is; “A security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed.” Sound familiar?

One more thing. I uninstalled and did a fresh install in hopes to play unpatched atleast, but I keep getting the same error. Maybe it has something to do with the registry? Not sure what I should look for. Need some help, and doubt I’m the only stuck with this problem.

Does your original cd still work after the update?

If so, and you want to protect your original cd, why not just make a twinpeak copy and use that.

The twinpeak copying method still works just fine with securom 7. You’ll find various tutorials for making twinpeak copies here.