FE/TE TESTS with Premium

I made a FE/TE test today with a blank 48X Maxell and the results were very good and a pop-up window told me that “the media can be written at the highest speed”. I then made the same test with the disc supplied by Plextor and the results were BAD!! The pop-up told me that “the media should be written at a lower speed”. It looks strange to me, since in the Premium review (http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/112/5) I see “The Plextor disc, manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, was of course recorder with excellent quality.” And the results of the burned disc were better than the results with Maxell!! The same thing happened with Verbatim blank discs. Do u guys have the same results?

It’s even more funny:

Plextor 48x Taiyo Yuden media from a cakebox:

bundled Plextor 48x Taiyo Yuden media:

I made same test with budled CD-R media Plextor 48x (TY) and CD-R media Plextor 48x (50-pack, spindle, TY).
Bundled media result: “This media should not be written at he highest speed”.:frowning:
Spindle media result: “This media can be written at the highest speed”:slight_smile:
Have still somebody same results?:confused:

My PC:
P4 2,4GHz@3,06GHz, ABIT BH7,
512MB DDR400, 2xWD120JB,
Matrox G450eTV, Creative AUDIGY, Daewoo 19’,
Enermax Titan Thunder,
Plextor Premium, Teac DV-516E

Ain’t good.
Premium bundled Plextor (TY) media:

CakeBox Plextor (TY) media:

The TY media that is bundled with the Premium drive is actually certified for 48x writing and not 52x writing. In my case, when I received the drive, there was a small sticker on the case of the TY CD-R that said 52x compatible. This leds me to believe the discs were tested by Plextor to see if it could be burned at 52x. Perhaps Plextor’s test method is not completely accurate. In my case the 48x TY disc did work at 52x recording. As for the cakebox of Plextor media, they’re certified for 48x recording so the discs won’t always work at 52x. This seems only logical to me. In my experience TY media is great, but only at their certified speed and not at higher speeds.

Mitsui seem to have announced stopping some cdr production - lets hope I can still get TY in the UK.

But, this is worrying - TY media giving such poor results - even taking into account the 48-52 speedup. Not much is it, and if it is supposed to be error free at x48, x52 should not be that bad.

Anyway, I write to x48 TY (plextor branded) media at x12. These discs are one of the only reliable names around now. If TY do start losing quality control then things look grim. Maybe the bundled TY media are those that failed tests at the factory that Plextor got for a cheap price?

This post about CT magazine’s tests with Plextor Premium’s FE/TE and other measurable variables trustworthiness:


If anybody has the German magazine and would like to contribute a larger translation, I’d be very interested.


Where did you guys get your drives?

I got mine, full retail at Best Buy, and it came bundled with a Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemicals) 52x disk.