FE/TE - can't explain this

Something I haven’t been able to explain: The FE/TE test is fine, but the data exceed the limitations? What is this test good for?

This test shows interaction between drive and media at the highest possible writing speed.

Focus Error (FE) gives you an indication of axial errors or focal point deviation … Tracking Error (TE) will tell you about the radial run-out (deviation of the media’s groove) from the ideal spiral.

If both exceed a given threshold (which is only known to Plextor, I guess), you’ll get the message that the media cannot be written at the highest speed.

Please note that FE/TE are only two parameters out of many others that are responsible for media quality.

I’m pretty sure you will get that if either value exceeds its limit (it’s not necessary for both values to exceed their respective limit).

Unfortunately, I don’t manage to upload the image (and I don’t want to upload the file to the webspace I have at hand :o) ). The FE’s are around 40, with the max being at the beginning, while FE’s don’t exceed the 30. It’s a MCC 03RG20 DVD-R (printable Verbatim).
I wish there was a source where we could read the correct values for the speed requested.