FDSCR what is it and how do you view files in this format

I have been given me some movies on disc, however I can’t seem to view them quciktime, DivX, Mediaplayer etc. can anyone enlighten me as what
I need to do to view files of this type?

Have you tried VLC? Try dropping them on GSpot and see what it has to say about them.

First what O/S are you running? I have windows so I will go from that. Can you use explorer to view the contents of the cd from explorer? What is the dvd a dvd -/+ r or dvd -/+ dl media? Also what kinda cd or dvd drive do you have and is the firmware updated? Do that part and tell us what you can or can’t see or find from that.

I have no issue with actually looking at the files on the disc, the problem is, being unable to actually open the movie as such. The discs are DVD+R, the titles have .DVDR following the title, each disc has multiple files.eg -FDSRC.r01 along with a .RAR and .sfv.

If there are multiple files ending in .r01, .r02, .r03 then these are parts of an archive made with WinRAR. The .sfv file is probably a check to see if the contents of all the archive sections are present.

I’d like to see such an .sfv file.
Anyone knows who makes such .sfv files for their “releases” and why and what they are according to actual laws… :bigsmile:

I am still not all that sure what a FDSRC file is? And have had no luck opening the discs as a movie.

Most references I can find for ‘FDSRC’ files are to GStreamer.

If you install WinRAR then double-click on the file that has the lowest ‘.r’ number (eg ‘.r00’) then they should auto unpack and link into the full original. Let’s go from there…