FCC to Comcast: You have 30 Days

The FCC has released its 67 page order, which spells out in profound detail just how unacceptable it found Comcast’s discriminatory policy against the BitTorrent protocol. In fact, the order is so berating to Comcast that one would think it was written by the very BitTorrent uploaders the ISP sought to throttle. Today’s official order supplements the August 1, 2008, announcement by Chairman Kevin Martin, who agreed with public complaints that Comcast was in violation of net neutrality standards.

67 page pdf order

Link: http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-08-183A1.pdf


Yeah ,that was my point about hollywood executives influencing
some companies to help them stop pirating. Knowing what a rip
off comcast is [ no offence to anyone who has it now]. I used to
have comcast for years. When they started to get greedy and
raise their prices every few months[I don’t know if their still doing it now] . That was when I cut them loose no matter what they offered.
So my point is I am not surprised.