FCC to adopt strict limits on digital video content to fight piracy

I just posted the article FCC to adopt strict limits on digital video content to fight piracy.

 Bane used our news submit to let us know that the US regulators will adopt strict  limits in the coming weeks on what consumers can do with digital video  content.   This will likely be a ...
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I think they should make DVD’s/Music CD’s that can’t be played back on any hardware. This will ensure the honestly/integrity of the consumer to use this licensed media in the manner in which it was intended. Just think of the hours of enjoyment an entire family can derive from watching static and listening to white noise from their DVD as they watch it on their newly purchased DVD player! Mmmm. Mmm… where do I sign up?

The pirates will be able to crack the protection and open it up and play it on their old equipment. The pirates will have to buy no new equipment. The people following the law will be the ones forced to buy all the new equipment. So while they’re out there buying new TV’s and DVD players going broke the priates are at home watching unprotected media on the same equipement LOL LMFAO. Just like copy-protected CD’s the people following the law most of the time can’t get them to play right in their cars, and their computers but the pirates have no problem at all.
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Just like the music, the movies are awful too. I dont buy them or download them.

Next the FCC will “allow” programmers to attach a code to digital broadcasts that will in most cases bar consumers from skipping over the 3 minutes of commercials every 7 minutes on your “favorite recorded shows” to be shown in every room in my house. Lets see…I am paying taxes to implement laws, that support technology, to cause me to have to buy new equipment, that will “allow” me to drive myself nuts! I knew I was going to go to hell. But I always thought I was going to die first. :r :frowning:

Why the f* I have to buy new equipment? Does money grow on the trees? Let them buy me a new equipment. F*ers.

They should quit selling discs and streaming content entirely. Instead, they should be selling Stereo/Video - Player combo units with the content directly built-in the device, with no external connections. That way, they can make it just a little harder for people to violate copyright laws, because you would have to get a new unit for every movie or album you wanted to see or hear.

Fight it. If nobody buys the new equipment, it can’t fly. I have no intention of buying a digital TV. There are millions of existing analog NTSC sets already in use, with more being sold every day. If we aren’t willing to buy their copy protected digital garbage, they’ll have to back down.

First they got me to quit buying cds now they want me to stop buying dvds and new tvs? You know what I say? O.K. The only flag those greedy bastards better start thinking about is a white flag. People are not going to go out and buy all new tv set just to watch the new dvds. Imangine spending 10 grand on a new Plasma screen then they say now you got to buy this new one to watch the new Terminator 4 dvd. Ya right. As for the Pirating “they’ll be back”