FCC ID for Stand-Alone LiteOn DVD Recorders/Remotes?

Hi all!

After buying a “universal” remote and discovering that LiteOn is outside of the known universe, I started working on finding codes that would work with my brand-new DVD recorder (LiteOn DD-A100GX).

It just didn’t seem possible that the relevant details would be that hard to find.

In my quest, I discovered that the exterior case of the recorder doesn’t show an FCC ID (nothing on the remote, either); an FCC ID would’ve helped because it should allow me to look up the documents on file for that ID and figure out what the remote protocol was - some of the remote codes I’ve found from other individuals with LiteOn products were NEC1 and some were JVC and I wasn’t able to identify any kind of “pattern” to it. I was able to find FCC ID info for other LiteOn products (internal DVD drives for computers, wireless keyboards, power supplies, etc) but not for the stand-alone units. Another twist was the fact that no one seems to have any experience with this model or others in the “DD-A” family.

Has anyone been able to identify the FCC ID for LiteOn stand-alone recorders (of any model “family”)???

Any help would be most appreciated!


Doing a search at the FCC website for Lite-On gave FCC codes of:


Does that help?


Also found a PDF manual for an Onkyo tx-sr504 AV Receiver that listed these numbers of Lite-On products:

DVD Players: 1058, 1416, 1440
DVD Recorders: 1416, 1440

See page 70 of this manual.


The remote code for a [B]LiteOn DD-A100GX[/B] is the [U]5[/U] [U]digit[/U] [U]code[/U] [U]11416[/U] found by a SONY VLZ620 remote. The prior SONY remote would not find the remote code. You have to learn some of the other codes from your prior remote. You probably could not find it with other remotes because earlier remotes only had 4 digits instead of 5 digits. Although the directions show DVD+R may be used, the DVD-R has been for me, consistent. The [B]LiteOn DD-A100GX [/B]can have a 4.7GB disc [U]filled[/U] [U]with[/U] [U]MP3[/U] [U]songs[/U] and [U]not[/U] [U]be[/U] [U]confined[/U] [U]to[/U] [U]a[/U] [U]C[/U]D [U]disk[/U]. Pepos