FCC clears way for CD-quality FM sound - P2P killer?

I just posted the article FCC clears way for CD-quality FM sound - P2P killer ?.

Altough FM radio is currently the standard, and it’s sound quality is pretty decent, it still cannot compete with e.g the quality of CD audio. In the United States the The Federal Communications…

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Before the time of MP3, I new many people who were happy recording off the radio using a typical cassette. Of course once CDs & MP3s became popular people realised the quality improvment and bye-bye went the huge sales of tapes and double cassette recorders. Generally one would record a full side of a 90 minute tape off the radio, replay the tape and duplicate the songs they like onto a second tape in order and repeat the process. Next step?: The Digital Radio double CD recorder. :):d:9

One minor problem. FM radio is crap. They play very little variety of the crap actually. Can’t wait to hear those digital advertisements with a song thrown in every once in a while lol. On the plus side live concert broadcast would be excellent for recording

WTF? This has just been approved? The BBC started broadcasting Digital Radio (DAB) in 1997 although at that time you couldn’t actually buy a digital receiver. Besides, Digital Radio is not CD quality as it’s sampled at 32kHz rather than CD’s 44.1kHz.

This will not have any impact on p2p IMHO. Who wants to set around and wait for a DJ to play a song to record. Only to have the moron make some idiotic voice over comment during the last ten seconds. FM used to be cool back in the 70’s now it is basically AM without the friggin static. :r

Canada has some digital radio services available as well d42, however I would like to hear more about your claims that Digital Radio is not CD Quality. I can’t seem to find much info besides what’s listed hear. I’m only interested in the HD Radio… so if it only applies to the “digital” radio you’re refering to in England then it doesn’t apply here.

All radio sucks period.It’s called a CD player a great invention that let’s you listen to the songs YOU want in the order YOU want them in with NO fuckin commercials!!!..LOL :4

FM only sucks when you a. Live in the middle of nowhere and have no good radio stations b. commercials come on.

jab1981, you may well be right. I’m talking about Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) that’s used in Europe, which is sampled at 32kHz and typically uses 128kbps bitrate in MP2 = shit sound. Let’s hope HD Radio has better specs than this, although to call it High Definition is probably misleading.

Should I get a refund for my XM radio, then? :7