FCC approves Sirius-XM satellite radio merger



The Federal Communications Commission on Friday formally approved Sirius Satellite Radio’s $3.3 billion buyout of former competitor XM Satellite Radio with conditions.

Link: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-10000241-94.html?tag=nefd.top



I think it may be good or bad. Depending on how they charge
cosumers for the radio programming. For example I used to have
direct t.v. which carried xm radio programming,and now I have
dish network which carries sirrus programming. So while I like the
idea of listening to plash phelps again on xm,and BOB DYLAN’S,
show. I still don’t know how they will charge or what they will


As far as I know they are going to eliminate duplicate channels to start with.
I hope that we don’t get cheated with a bunch of fancy new packages. Sirius has been a better choice for Canadians since Sirius has had three satellites in orbit and there tracking has better reception then XM’s two satellites.



XM and SIRIUS to Offer A La Carte Programming

Companies’ FCC Filing to Detail Array of New Offerings Priced From $6.99 to $16.99


my father has Sirius with Dish Network and XM in his vehicle. i had sirius in my car free for a year when i bought it, but that subscription has run out. i can say that i enjoy both and hope they do not disappoint the listeners with channel drops or unreasonable prices in future.


If they do eliminate some of the duplicate channels. I hope they
keep some of the humorous dj’s like PHELPS,COUSIN BRUCIE,
PAT ST.JOHN[ Well maybe PAT Im iffy on] I wouldn’t miss OPEY/
Enjoy ZAP.


Meanwhile Sirius stock is trading at a 2 year low. It has not made a profit ever. With the encomomy in the state its in, I doubt many people will be signing up to hear PAY radio.:bigsmile:


You may be right,but most people who have satellite t.v.[direct t.v.,
dishnetwork] had either sirius,or xm in their package. Personalley
pay radio is okay I think for people who make long trips,but as for
the average consumer unless you are a radio junkie would rather
pay a cheaper price.
Enjoy ZAP.