FBI seizes 20,000 CyberHome DVD players and recorders

I just posted the article FBI seizes 20,000 CyberHome DVD players and recorders.

CyberHome kept failing to pay royalty charges to Philips for use of its patents,
Philips eventually filed a complaint, which has now resulted in US officials
seizing some 20,000…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11976-FBI-seizes-20000-CyberHome-DVD-players-and-recorders.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11976-FBI-seizes-20000-CyberHome-DVD-players-and-recorders.html)

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Way to go FBI :wink:

Cyberhome DVD recorder/Player ? LOL No thanks - Those recorders suck anyways, flimsey, poor image, crappy tuners and poor burns, I think even LITEON DVD recorders are better than cyberhome crap!

Liteon better? Not think so

How do you take a company to jail?:stuck_out_tongue:

You build a jail around it of course :smiley:

By taking the company to jail they mean the owners SILLY :smiley: As to my comment about even LITEON being better than Cyberhome, that is true, it is the better of the 2 craps. :B Don’t bother with neither I use my trust Toshiba DR4 and it beats other dvd recorders hands down, in that price range.

cyberhome devices are pretty cheap; no wonder they have not paid royalties. i guess this is what sony is after for blu-ray

Wow. The FBI actually did something competent. I can see the stars going out one by one…

$2 mill worth of electronics. $22 mill worth of royalties. thats gotta suck.

Bought 2 cyberhome dvd recorders, worked for one year! Good to he*l cyberhome.